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In need of help

I've been dealing with anxiety, bipolar and depression majority of my life but lately it seems like I cannot contain it like I usually do. I dont want anyone to think im looking for self pity but lately the suicidal thoughts have been creeping in more than normal so I reached out to this online community for some positive feedback. In need of help before this goes to far. Thanks for your response

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Hi Tanisha1978,

Has something happened recently to cause your anxiety and bipolar to spiral? I think I’ve had light depression through out my years, but nothing I couldn’t handle until last year. Anxiety and depression knocked me on my butt. I had some traumatic life changes along with some family issues that I just couldn’t handle.

I’m sorry you are having a rough time of it. Not sure how to help, except to just be here for support for you.

Wishing you peace and happiness.


Thank you so much I dont know not more than usual


Hello, as Lostjoy mentioned, have your med's been changed? I would talk to your Dr. (and if you do not have one find a psychiatrist). Psych. Dr. (good ones) know more about out brain than most any other Dr. A red Flag to me is the Suicidal Thoughts increasing. Another place to check is with your local Emergency Room at the Hospital. Be good to yourself put you No. 1. do not feel guilty, you need help and deserve it, I send you love, strength, courage, help, love and Big Hugs. Sprinkle 1. Know you are not alone (even though it seems that way), we are here for you. More Love....Sprinkle 1


Thank you guys so much for your replies


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