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Need help

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I’m really struggling with life right now. I have struggled with anxiety and depression for over a year, maybe my whole life, but it’s been really bad this past year or more. I don’t do anything throughout the day except go to the casino and play blackjack but I’ve been losing money lately and it makes me feel even worse about myself. I think it’s becoming an addiction and I’m very concerned about it. Right now I’m sitting at home alone with nothing to do except sit around and watch tv. I don’t have anyone to talk to and I wish I did. There’s a lot more going on but I guess this is a good start at reaching out for help.

5 Replies
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I am so sorry. Life is hard, then add depression and anxiety, or ptsd and hell its almost impossible. Read my profile. I just want to help everyone and share what I have been going through and the miracle I found.

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I am sorry that you are going through this difficult time right now. Several years ago, I spent a little time in a casino. I found it to be an extremely dangerous place for me because it would get this massive “high” when I would win, but it would always be followed by the same massive “low” when I lost. And I always lost. I have found myself so much happier since I left it behind. It was a temporary “fix” to any troubles that I might have, a brief “escape” if you will.

I was so thankful when I found the permanent fix to all my issues and troubles! Sixteen years ago, I accepted Jesus Christ and my life dramatically changed. Over the course of four years I eliminated gambling, bad language, pornography, drinking, and so many other things. I replaced it with the Love of God. Though I wanted to be married and have a family right away because I was so lonely, He told me that I had to focus on Him first and my relationship to Him. This took reading the Bible, praying, attending church, and other things, but soon I stopped looking around and kept my focus up. Before I knew it, He introduced me to my future wife and before long I was married with four kids! This may not be the eternal transformation that you want to make, but if you have any questions, please let me know. I know how hard it is to be in a downward spiral, sitting alone at home watching TV with absolutely no one. May God Bless You!

I will be praying for you,


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Actually, there's no need to cease the casino. All of us are different and we gain pleasure from different sources. And if a casino is your thing, go with it. Almost every single hobby demands huge investments. For example, if you play guitar, the amount of money you'll spend way above any prudent limits and for even more than you'll spend on gambling if you except this urge in yourself and will learn to gain the pleasure from it. Here's a good place to start in order to spend less money

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