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Hello, I am clearly new here or maybe its just obvious to me. I am 19 going on 20 and I have been diagnosed with anxiety since the sixth grade. I used to talk to a counselor daily but stopped when i entered high school. In highschool I introduced myself to yoga and meditation which helped me with the anxiety. Recently since I have been in college my anxiety has been really hard to grip and I have been dealing with depression randomly. i don't like to say I have it but I guess I do since i am constantly burdened with a feeling of sadness and many other common symptoms. I decided to come on here I guess to look for support because I feel like many don't understand me in my current circle of people. Also I have no clue why I feel the way i feel. I tend to bury it and wish for the best but lately I can't anymore and when I want to talk about my "thoughts" I just can't formulate a single word. I started going to a therapist again in hopes to help myself but I don't see any improvement. I just want advice really on how to cope with both anxiety and depression like how can you fight it. I know it's an internal battle with yourself but i can't seem to fight it anymore. Should be noted that my first year in college was super difficult due to the fact that three of my intermediate family members almost died back to back but are currently healthy but I know this affects me dearly because it's only been a year since it all happened.

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  • Hi Glitterrage 👋🏽,

    I also suffer from anxiety and depression. Trust me I know how hard it gets it's very unpredictable and really you just have to take it day by day. I am also seeing a therapist my therapist has built a great connection with my family my boyfriend really everyone around me. Maybe you should look for a different therapist not all therapist work the same. It's great that you began incorporating yoga that's definitely a great way to fight back and stay healthy. Have you tried massage therapy? Also hot baths with Epsom salt or a hot-cold shower. Maybe just go for a walk around your neighborhood. Coming on here will be great for you this is definitely the place to communicate with others who are also going through this! Trust me you are not alone! 😊

  • Thanks! I just started seeing my therapist and I am sure things don't result quickly but I definitely give the massage therapy a try! I do try to take my dog for walks but lately find myself struggling to exit my door,hopefully tomorrow I can push myself out those doors.

  • Yes keep trying it's okay to cry a little but remember to always get back up! I'm 20 so I know how hard it is especially in our generation things are really crazy! Don't give up though you deserve happiness so fight for it!

  • Hey it's okay. College is a tough time is it time to figure out what you want to do for the rest of your life but really you can't. That is okay depression anxiety or normal. What you do from here on out to figure out what you can do tell people those. You don't have to figure out what you want to do now who you want to be or what you want to do in life until later just remember that remember there's always someone there for you and to never ever harm yourself before talking to someone you can do this and you can get through it we believe in you.

  • Thank you! You are right, just have to remember that lol

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