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Not sure

Part of me really would like to go off meds, and I do, ever so often. Does anyone just wonder after a while what is under there, under the meds?

I dont think they are helping but I don't want to make a terrible mistake.

Ive been on Zyprexa for many years. Abilify for a while. Just got on Lithium. I take Ativan sometimes and was taking Propanolol sometimes but just quit that.

I am pretty miserable. But there has been worse times.

Maybe if I went off of one at a time slowly...I am sure my doctor would not want me to. My memory is very bad but I recall med changes to be rough anyway and eventually I go back on them.

So I guess I am at a point where I want to say **** it!!!! Even though it would be scary, I am so tired of this pain. Sometimes i feel some of what I suffer from is because of the meds. I feel like I need to do something, make a drastic change...

I am irritable, angry, restless, depressed, anxious and sick of it.

So if its a bad, fleeting idea, then what?

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Don’t do it without professional help if you would ever do it. My personal opinion is not to go off the meds if they are helping you even a small bit


thanks for the advice Tashalyn. So far that is what people are telling me.


So I am starting a new day trying to have new positive perspectives and am determined to make it better than yesterday. Luckily I am not as restless irritable or desperate feeling.

May everyone have beautiful moments today!


I agree. Sometimes i just don't wanna have to take any pills. I hate pills in general....YUCK!😖 but i have to right? Or else i will be a nervous wreak and my anxiety will make me feel crazy and my depression make me feel like giving up my life. But then again i swear it seems like even when i am on meds i still feel the same. Maybe i feel better temporarily but it don't ever last for me. So meds are iffy.


Vonnah Yup and at times I feel like the meds have many side effects like the exact same as the symptoms of the illness so then what’s the point. I often wonder what is underneath when I’ve been on them for a long duration. But people around me say they see that I am better off taking them.


I've been on countless antidepressants. Almost everyone out there. Was on xanax and ended up overdosing. Meds can be overwhelming and I also have a problem with just staying on them. Sometimes I wonder if I can truly make myself happy. Do you go to a counselor weekly or even twice weekly? I find talking helps. I wish I could go everyday.. I am currently on Mirtrazapine. Don't see it helping at all but then again no antidepressants seem to help. Be careful just going off them because some of what you are on can cause bad withdrawals then you'll feel really bad.. I've made that mistake before. I would talk to your doctor though and slowly wean yourself off of them one at a time. Good luck, I hope you can find some light underneath all of this!


I know, can we ever make ourselves happy? Well I am sure to take notice of every happy moment but it sucks that the other moments are such painful struggles.

I should go to my counselor more often. I think I am going to write more often.

Yup I’ve made that mistake before, going off meds quickly. Never again.

How is Mirtrazapine working for you?


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