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My boyfriend is having suicidal thoughts

I am on break right now so i can't type much

But my boyfriend is feeling extremely suicidal and I don't know what to do.

He has tried to commit suicide a few times, before i knew him. Which makes me scared that he will actually do it. I asked him to promise me that he won't, and he said that he cant make that promise.

He has severe anxiety and depression. He never has anything go the way it should.

I don't know what to do. I really don't. Our mental health care system where we live is garbage. I tried to tell him that I need him and that these feelings will subside but he goes on about how those issues will always be there.

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Take him to Emergency at the Hospital, he needs Help Now. Be strong for You and Him. I send you love & hugs. Sprinkle 1


He won't let me. And He won't go on pills. The only thing hes willing to do is go to therapy. But we can't afford it.


hi sorry to hear about your partner.i think about suicide nearly every day but I don't have plans to end my life.there is a difference between thinking and planning too,do you know whats brought it it something that hes not addressed before maybe.let him know that you need him and that he has to get help either through medication or professional help.just make sure your ok yourself mind you.


I’m going through the same thing as you!


I think it is great that you are being strong for you and your partner. Some places have low cost therapy options that is dependent on what the client can pay. I'm currently experiencing the same thing with my partner, just not as severe. One thing i would like to mention, is to maybe consider not telling him that you need him. My partner has expressed that he has a lot of guilt for things in his life and that he would just go if he didnt feel so guilty about leaving me or his family. However, this guilt eats at him and creates this vicious cycle of pain for him. Maybe try focusing on letting him know that you are there for him and you will help him get through whatever he needs help with. Im sure you already do that, i am just suggesting focusing on that instead of telling him that you need him because it puts more on his plate. I wish you both the best.

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thank you so much for your reply. I wish you guys the best.


So sorry, I hope you can find a way to help him. Sometimes I don’t realize how much stress that I’m sure I am putting on my husband with all these issues. It’s tough to have to watch your loved one suffer.


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