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Feeling you might die and cant live

Hello , i am a 24 year old girl who is engaged to the love of my life , i have GAD and Depression episodes , its been almost 8 month that i am suffering from it , i am on medication and and these 8 months i met the love of my life and i got engaged and graduated from engineering school and went into masters degree , i started feeling recently that my day is coming and it is a scary feeling , i feel i might sleep and not wake up and i cry that i dont want to die because i want to get married and have some kids , at the same time, i zone out alot i cant enjoy my day and i went to the hospital once and checked that everything is allright, 2 days ago i thought my soul is going out in a parking lot and i rushed to the hospital but i was calm but in a shock i couldnt feel any emotion and even my tears came out without me knowing i felt de attached , and they told me u had a panic attack but i did before and this one was different i thought my heart beat was low but it was high and i was so cold . My mum talk me home and had a xanax and another pill for the heart beat , but i still feel weird till now i feel dead and i feel upset and sad and in a shock , i cant enjoy my day i see life more weirdly than before and im just disconnected, what should i do ?

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I try for anxiety and depression talk with therapist and right meds with psychiatrist

Xanax helped my fears

Google the tapping exercise.

Also food and mood ! Live foods live bodies. When I juice and take green drinks green smoothies

wheat grass shots 2 ounces twice a day I feel better.

Half hour walks per day with good music.

Going with friends to help people who are less fortunate also lifts depression

Living with purpose ! God has you here for great purpose!

My 2 friends and six children went and sang we wish you a merry Christmas to every one in a four floor nursing home

I came out feeling the best after seeing the elderly feel so good changing grumpy

To happy ! Bless your beautiful soul!!!

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Did you have the same fears as i did ?


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