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Im not a so devoted christian, but I do have faith..I happen to come across a saint one day and said to myself well I'm going to pray to him..like, I was so desperate I have no one to talk to, I just had enough one day that I couldn't literally breath..so I thought strange how this Saints pamphlet landed in my hands on this day..so I prayed his prayer I remember for a week..The saint miraculously did his miracle as he promised..from there on my faith became 100 percent cause there was no other way to explain his presence. I can tell you the miracle in private who ever is interested..Now in honor to this Saint I show gratitude by distributing his name and work to others..his name is St Jude Thaddeus... I am not one to force religion on anyone..St Jude did his miracle to me and I can only share my experience. Im just trying to help that's all..Just like there's articles on everything else, my article is on St Jude Thaddeus..

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  • Hi ellinaki, I knew immediately who you were referring to. If you believe in saints and the power of prayer, St. Jude has helped many including myself. He is the patron saint for Hopeless Cases. I was so hopeless with my anxiety at one time. He did see me through my hardest times. Everyone has something they believe in and whatever it is, is what sees them through difficult times in their lives. Thanks for sharing ellinaki. xx

  • Thanks agora..I hope others get to know the Saint aswell..

  • Beautiful story ellinaki, I want to know more. The only thing thatgives me peace when Im having a panic attack, depressed or high anxiety is praying to God and knowing he's there with me. 😇💕☺

  • God is very real and he does answer prayers. I know this! Too many “miracles” listed in my book of life. I’m not sure about the saint. I pray directly to God. God knows your heart. The Bible clearly says “Ask and ye shall receive” God will answer in His time and His way. Example: you are praying a certain person will ask you out. God knows that persons heart and they are bad. He won’t grant him to you but He will send a suitable mate when the time is right. You just have to be open to receive His blessings! God bless you!

  • Just to clarify God Loves all His children. In no way am I passing judgement. I’m just agreeing only I do it slightly different. Which is an awesome thing. Diversity. I have been in full blown panic mode crying, yelling etc and started yelling God please help me and have felt this warmth spreadover my entire body and gone from crying to laughing in the blink of an eye. If you don’t stand for something you stand for nothing. No matter what that is. Thank you my sister in Christ. God bless.

  • I wish i had more faith

  • Simonn, if you really ask for it you will see God around you..i dont have anyone else, friends, family..i refuse psychs and meds and the only thing that's helped me is my faith..like I said, I'm not a devotee and I can honestly say I only give my five cents, but even just that, I've seen the miracles..this is what I have to share and i spread the word in honor of the Saint in this case..I wish you all the best.

  • Simonn, first learn to believe in yourself. You have the strength to make any wish a possibility if you Believe. :)

  • St. Panteleimon is known as the healing Saint. Look up His story on the internet, He really is Incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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