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I'm at the lowest pit of my life


First please don't judge me, I'm already down so please don't kick me. As if I wasn't already on the edge, on Monday I was a victim of fraud which has me at -$4,900.00 with my bank. Of course I didn't have it in my account. I was told I was getting a grant. I got so happy! I was like yes, now I can take care of some bills and my daughter can have a great Christmas (yes I know it's not about the gifts but we were all children once and we know seeing them gifts under the tree was the greatest moment so do not front!!), because I'm not working right now (I'm waiting for a job to start and another for a second interview, but now that this happened I barely want to talk to anyone). But instead, my account was robbed. It was so humiliating goin to the police station to report this. I knew it was a scam but somehow I really believed I would get a grant out of this. Anyways, I was talked nasty to, I had to go to my bank, report the situation then go back to the police station to make the final report. I was sent back in forth because the officer needed the exact amount from my bank. Now today, if I can get myself together by 12p, I have to go back to my bank to give the report number. This is very traumatic. All I can do is relax the best I can and wait to start working so I can earn a paycheck and wait until my financial aid processes at school so I can restart again. I had to come to a hard decision that my only way out is an education. I messed up a lot of years with mine but I'm just gonna have to pour my life into it until one day I graduate as a registered nurse. I barely have support in my life, I have family members that don't even speak to me, I have family members that think they are better than me. My faith is very shaky right now but all I have left is education.

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I am sorry you are going through all of this. But try and keep your head ☝for your little one. One day at a time and you will get through this. We have all made mistakes. We just learn from them.

Thanks Nessy89!! I'm trying and talking on here is helping for support bc nobody knows how this feels but y'all. Yup, one day at a time, that's all I have. One bright point is I've been on cymbalta for a few weeks and I do see some improvement. One day I hope to b off meds for good but right now the benefits definitely outweigh not taking meds.

Sorry for what happened,We are all here to help each other not to judge. You seem like your needing to believe in your faith right now. You seem smart and has it together. You are your strongest when your under pressure. You'll figure it out.

Thank youAngiemarie259! My faith is super shaky at the moment so I'm taking 1 step at a time. Chile I have nothing together lol! I'm broke living back with my ex husband, well we're separated for 3 years now, super dysfunctional!! and I been through so much that I'm at the bottom, don't have enough space to write all I been through. I don't wanna talk to anyone but you all on here. Thanks so much

Hey, Sorry for what happened.

there is hope and there is a solution for everything. You are strong and you can get through this and step by step you will get there.

Not having a lot of support in your life is so hard, but believe me you can do it and remember, there is a lot of people here ready to help and to support you.

Hi ang95 thanks so much for your support! It's so nice to have people on here that are really nice and understands just what I'm going through❤️❤️

I am SO sorry you got scammed!!!! That is absolute BS and even more BS that people were unkind to you. You were blinded by love, only wanting to give your daughter what you felt she deserved! I can only imagine the stress you have been put under due to this.

However, good for you on going to school! I too, am going for nursing. It will be well worth it in the end. I do not have a large support circle either, and it can be difficult working full time w/ school and keeping up with house work. But, it IS possible. I am in my third year and will be graduating in the blink of an eye. If i can do it, so can you!!!!

Keep your head up, stay strong, and KNOW that you can do this. Because YOU CAN.

Wishing you nothing but the best my dear.

Hi Allison thanks so much for that, yup it's some horrible people out here that shows their true colors, especially around this time of year. We the adults, we're more like, as long as I spend time with family, etc;..but it's not fair to the children! What they did to us they are gonna reap what they've sown!! But I'm grateful for this site I've met such wonderful people that are nice. I like nice people, too bad it's not enough of us. Oh wow that's great you're in your 3rd year of nursing school! U go girl! Hey we can cheer each other on! I'm still at my pre reqs; I have anatomy & phys n biology left. I will let u know when I'm starting the nursing class 101. Good luck to you and congrats!!❤️❤️

that is awesome!! Rock on girl, you will blow through those classes in no time! Good luck to you too<3 This site really does offer fantastic support, and a good group of people to surround yourself with. Hope you had a great monday and have a smile on your beautiful face!!!! :)

Education and getting a good-paying job are very good things. If that comes out of this, then it defnitely has a silver lining.

I don't see how your bank can charge you for fraud. I would think you'd have some protection there. I really don' know, but this doesn't sound right at all.

We're all human and make mistakes. You made the best decision you could at the time with the info you had. Please, stop blaming yourself. You were a victim and not the bad guy here. The bad person is the one who defrauded you.

I would call you state's attorney's office to find out what your rights as a victim are in your state.

Thank you so much Windy101, yea it's the only solution to take control of my life and happiness. So far the negative balance is still there but this is still fresh so I'm still in process of showing them evidence and waiting for the fraud department to finish their investigation. Yes I'm gonna press charges on them fake people that fraud me! It's a process and I'm just trying to be as calm as I can now and try and move on from it.

Yes, that's exactly what you need to do. Make sure you keep notes with dates and times of all your phone calls with these people. You can keep them in a folder with letters, receipts, etc. - everything that relates to the case. Then if you need something, it's all there.

gogogirl in reply to Windy101

Great idea- consumer protection and the consumer financial protection bureau!

Sorry for what is going through ur life..don't worry if ur family members don't think about you ..

You have ur daughter think about her . You have such a wonderful life..

Life is lIke up and down.. but we don't have to give up DTS a real LIFE..

Be strong..

Take care..God BLESS You ❤❤

Where_is_normal in reply to Naus

Thanks Naus!Yup my main concern is my daughter. My life is no where near wonderful chile but I decided to take control of it. Yes it is up and down! God bless u too sweetie!❤️❤️

Naus in reply to Where_is_normal

Take care dear ... Be Strong ❤❤

I’m truly sorry that happened to you, we’re all here for you so no need to feel ashamed. I hope they do everything in their power to help you, because you and your daughter deserve the best. Stay strong and Merry Christmas.

This is not your fault. I was scammed once years ago- not quite like this in the bank but in another way. I hope you can contact for legal advice.


This really is an unfortunate situation and nobody wants to be victim to a scam. You do have to think of your daughter above all and doing what's best for both of you. Pursuing your education is great. It might help to contact some of the family members and they might talk to you, yet try not to burden them with too much. They may be glad to hear from you!

Where_is_normal in reply to Hidden

Thanks puffcat! At this point I'm truly over it. I gave my bank all evidence, and filed a police report. My daughter and myself are now having a great holiday now, thanks to angels on earth! Nope, I rather not tell my family, I only told one. Thankfully I know more people now that have been scammed once or twice too so I'm not alone.❤️❤️

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