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Seeking calm

Suffer from GAD and constant worry. On Paxil 40 up from 20 a week ago. No reason for any of this. Finding good sites and hoping to get through this and become human again. My life is in a good place and I don't know why I'm making myself miserable with this. Seeing therapist on Thursday but am not feeling good about that. Wondering if something for depression needs to be added but I don't want to take more medicine. Have anxiety work book and worry trick coming in mail. Anything else recommended?

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Welcome Selvage22, sorry to hear that you are going through this rough time. Sounds like you are being EXTREMELY pro active about this which is very good! May I ask how long you have been on Paxil? Maybe when you first started taking the Paxil is the underlying cause of all of this now. I understand not wanting to take more medicine! I'd wait and see how the therapist appointment goes before more medicine personally.


Hello. I checked and it seems you are the closest person to me. I was wondering if there are any anxiety support groups around? I started taking Paxil about 15 years ago. Weaned off in the spring, but had a setback and took 7 weeks to get back to stable. I was on 40 and cut to 20 and was fine until the holiday season started. Bumped back to 40 about a week ago and still hoping for relief. I read and read and read and I know what I'm doing wrong, but I cannot screw my head back on straight. I don't want to eat (which is good because I'm losing weight, but I know it's NOT good health wise), I don't want to go anywhere, I just want to sleep. Thanks for the reply.


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