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True calm for anxiety!!


Just got back from my new Dr. Omg he prescribed a medication but I haven't taken it yet. He then told me about true calm from now brand. Took a veggie cap and 10 minutes I was totally calm. My anxiety is horrific. Now I feel ok. I stopped the shaking due to anxiety. I cried on my moms shoulder I was so terrified of leaving my condo. Man I feel great. For once in my life I'm not freaking out! If I could live each day this calm I would love it!!! If anyone needs help please try true calm. Wow. What a relief!!!

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lovedogs51511 in reply to Hidden

Thanks stuff is a miracle!!!


True calm is the name of the product? Controls shaking? Where do I find this?

lovedogs51511 in reply to Hidden

I got it from nutrition store. The brand name is Now. True calm veggie caps. Worked on me cause I was shaking crying on my moms shoulder scared to leave my home to absolutely calm as can be!! Try it,if your having severe anxiety!!!

Hidden in reply to lovedogs51511

Thank you, I will try anything. Right now I am on effexor XR 35.5 mg x3 and buspirone HCL 15 mg x2 and Ativan 0.5 mg 3x I will try to see if I can get in online thanks again

Sewcoolsue in reply to Hidden

Before taking any other product, get your doctor’s advice first. Some can interfere with your prescription.

He's the one who said it would be great to try since my anxiety was so high and out of control. He went over my meds and stuff. Nice guy he was. Really happy I have him as my new Dr.

Did you take any today?

Two during the long morning. I was trying to get to get to sleep. They worked but when I went out for a walk I got freaked out cause I was so disgusted with how I looked so rushed home immediately.

You can get it at amazon too . Read your post today and went right on Amazon and ordered it . I pray it works !!!! I have extreme anxiety disorder . So severe that I disassociate . Scared all the time as well where it is debilitating. I pray it works . Thank you for posting it !!!

Awesome!! God I hope it can help some! I too have crippling anxiety. I've been housebound for decades except for going to Drs appts or to get groceries. I panic if I have to go outside. Its the worst feeling. I let others bring me down and I shouldn't care what other ppl think!. I'm praying it keeps working too. I was shaking at my Drs appt cause I was so nervous. Went and bought this supplement and took one immediately and I really got relaxed. Hope it will help some cause I know how ya feel with this severe anxiety!!

I totally understand what you mean , I am so desperate . I swear when I find something that works I am going to try and help people , I hate to sound negative but we can tell doctors and others how we feel and what we are going thru but honestly they only know what they read in text books . If you hvnt home thru it then you can never truly understand . I am so happy for you !!!!!! I really am !!! And I know how you feel . Like it’s a miracle !!!! Stay strong !!! You may have found exactly what we all need

Thank you so much cause I don't feel so alone with anxiety this severe. I so agree about ppl not understanding what we go thru. My mom is a prime example of that! Not to long ago she said,it is what it is!!! I told her never say that to me again. I told her no its not just what it is! Ooo I was sooo upset. She swears up and down I go thru this everyday with you so I do understand! I'm like no you don't until your stuck housebound for years!! Damn I was so pissed off at her!!! I didn't want to be cause I understand that she wouldn't ever understand. She was with me at my Drs appt and even the Dr said yea you have a lot going on. He understood but my family just will never get the struggles I deal with daily. That's so cool of you to want to help others. I feel the same exact way. I can't thank you enough for writing to me! It really means a lot!!! I hope these pills keep helping even a little bit. I went out for a quick walk but freaked out after looking in my mirror. My hair was super frizzy, ful of split ends and stringy. I could of just died!! My face is really saggy from smoking which is very embarrassing and humiliating. I just can't give up smoking. A lot of my anxiety comes from looking so gross. My pic on here is,ok cause,I have to take pics in the light, smile big to hide the sagging, plus being tan helped. Hair looked ok that day. Every other day,its out of control. My hair doesn't style at all. I'm so sorry for composing. I have to stop that. Lol. Anyhoo, I'm definitely going to keep you in my daily prayers and hope you can find something that will help you! You deserve to find answers. Oh he also prescribed a heart medication called propynolol which also helps with anxiety. I think he said it has a calming effect too. Other clients were on it too. He said its worked for them. Hoping for the best!

Your friend, Kacey😀😊😎

That’s what I mean , unless you have gone thru it or are gng thru with it, you can’t possibly understand because I’m not going to lie , before I got into this anxiety state I never would have understood it either . I’ve had anxiety since my teenage years , was on Paxil which was a miracle for me for over 20 years , no prblms at all . Nvr would even knew I had any anxiety. Life spiraled out of control 3 years ago . Nervous/mental break down . And Paxil stopped working and my life hasn’t been the same since . Tried everything . Hve a drs appt today to see if they can prescribe something , was on Zoloft , ddnt help , just stopped everything , no better , no worse . Ordered the calm that you spoke about, it will be delivered tomorrow from amazon . I just want the old me back with my old life . Like I said , when I find something that works and I am able to function again . I am going to do everything in my power to help ppl gng thru this , because unlsss someone goes thru it , they can’t understand . Please let me know how the calm is still working for you . Stay calm and have faith we will get thru this. Xoxo

Kat2345 in reply to Anxiety33

I have severe anxiety too. I even throw up when I have it. Please let me know if it works for you. Do you take any other meds for anxiety?

Where can you get it from?

A nutrition store. Yea I was so shocked how fast it worked! 10 minutes I was so calm I've never in 45 years felt that calm. Hoping it continues to work. There's 90 veggie caps in a bottle for 20 bucks. Hope this will help you!!!

I hope this continues to work for you. My experience with herbal supplements is that they work on the first day but then they stop.

Thanks! They stop working? Oh no that's terrible! Oh I hope they continue to work!!! From going from shaking to calm was so nice too. That was only1 pill too. I think I can take it up to 3 times a day. Maybe ill have to do that I guess. He also gave me a prescription for propynolol. Its a long name not sure if that's even spelled right. Its for,your heart but his other clients are on it for anxiety and he said they help them. I only took half so 20 my and I feel very calm right now. I'm just praying one of them help! Thanks for replying!!

I hesitated about my response because I don't want to plant that thought in your head and make it a self-fulfilling prophesy. It could just be me. I ain't right in the head.

I'm glad it is working for you. Natural is usually best.

Lol I'm very messed up in the head too. Even the Dr was shocked at all the problems I've got!!!

That is funny. The worst thing for me is when I go to the pharmacy. I don't have to tell them my name; they just get the prescriptions for me. It is not the place where I want to be a "regular".

Way to funny. They didn't know me cause I've only been in utah almost a month but back in Vegas they knew my name but not my bday!!! I'm taking 7 pills now. Holy cow! I even had a lady back in Vegas looked at my huge back of pills saying glad those aren't mine!! They were mine I was so embarrassed!!

Sorry I didn't know I didn't hit reply. Lol. I got to talking with a sweet neighbor lady!

I was at Walgreens one time and there was a line of about five people ahead of me. The pharmacist said real loud to the first guy in line that his insurance didn't cover Viagra. All of us in the line heard that. I felt bad for the guy as that had to be embarrassing. I should have said something to the pharmacist about how inappropriate that was and that it violated the customer's confidentiality.

Oh dear God that's terrible! I would of felt so bad for him. That is against confidentiality big time. How many meds are you on? You don't have to tell me I was just wondering cause I feel so messed up that I feel like I'm the only one on this many pills!!!

I'm on Lexapro for depression and Klonipin at night for sleep. I occasionally get Ambien for sleep too. I also get hydrocodone and / or muscle relaxers for a bulging disc in my neck. I also started two prescriptions for high blood pressure (runs in family). I have a mini pharmacy in my bathroom.

Oh ok I've got a pharmacy in my kitchen. So sorry you have to deal with pain in your back! I take tegretol for epilepsy, Geodon and lamictal for bipolar2, pristiq for clinical depression, oxybutnin for excessive sweating, now true calm for severe anxiety and propynolol for anxiety as well. Yikes!! Not right in the head! Need adderall for ADHD if,I can get it. ADHD drives me crazy too!!

I think we are tied at 7 each. 😊

Have you taken adderall before? My sister had ADD and it helped her concentrate but she said it made her "cold" (unemotional) to her family.

I took it so many years ago I don't remember. I have no memory whatsoever!! I think it did. Like your sister I took an antidepressant that made me unemotional. I know that feeling. When my grandpa died I was very sad but couldn't cry at all. It is a horrible side effect!!!

Just took a true calm but it might make me tired. Hope not cause your the coolest and funny person to talk to!!! Thanks for chatting with me tonight!!

Aww shucks (looks down at his feet kicking back and forth).

It is fun talking to you too. Do you have social anxiety? It is surprising because you are very easy to talk to...

Yes big time!! I can barely leave my condo. Being around ppl is horrible for me! Never liked being around ppl.

I've always felt just awful around ppl in person!! The lady I just talked to was easy cause it was 11 pm which I can handle if its dark. I hate being looked at by ppl. They've always given me such horrible dirty looks. Drives my anxiety thru the roof!!! I'm ugly,in person trust me! From smoking I have sagging face around the mouth big time. So ppl stare at me with disgust!

Drank coffee tonight so I can't get tired enough to sleep. That was stupid of me!!# lol. I'm going to try some sleeping pills too. Even more stupid lol

I take pills for depression and anxiety. Then pills and insulin for diabetes. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed.

Oh wow I can understand your feeling overwhelmed. I'm so sorry you have to deal with all that. I get that same feeling of being overwhelmed to.

That's ok I'm just hoping it keeps working cause I hate shaking due to the anxiety. I just want to be able to go outside for a walk and not freak out so bad. Praying for the best!!!

That sounds amazing, is it from the USA.? Well done you , keep up good work, and stay positive, x

Thank you very much. I think it,is. Not sure let me see....Illinois!! Yea love USA products!!!

Whats the Manufacturer Brand Name of True Calm? I have only seen the one by Now products.

Yea its by Now! That's the one. Its 90 veggie caps.

Just took one to help get relaxed and I feel absolutely calm. Have you tried it? I hope it will help you!!

I haven't tried it. I've tried all the ingredients in larger amounts combined and didn't help. Nothing does. I got taken off of very high doses of Klonopin and Xanax without a slow decrease more than 3 years ago after being on them for 13 years. Had the horrible Withdrawals that lasted a couple months which I expected, but still having Protracted withdrawals that are the most horrible insane thing imaginable. Never knew they existed. Haven't left my house since 2015, haven't even been able to talk to anyone by phone, even my own mother, just texting and now emails only. Texting gets me to bad to where I cant stop shaking, breathing so hard, stomach pulling in so bad, hard to swallow, suicide thoughts never stop. Horrible Tinnitus. Don't know anyone else that has gone through this. Went from 190 down to 120 lbs, cant do anything, even this is getting to bad to handle - I have to quit. This is horrible! I'm sorry but thank you for being!

Oh gosh I'm so sorry! I can only go to Drs or store which I can't stand. I feel so much like you do I truly mean that! I couldn't leave home for decades! 45 now and I've always stayed home since I was a teenager. I cried to my mom I can't go to the Dr I just can't. I wash shaking soooo bad the whole time!! I know that feeling so well! Your not alone. I take max doses on all of my pills. Drs always ask me is that what your taking after looking at my high doses of all my pills. Took klonopin a few times and a couple of years ago I stopped it due to my addiction to it. I had panic attacks called ambulances a few times and ended up in the ER completely whacked out from withdrawals. I used to snort them which is just horrible! I'd take 30 pills in just a few days! Been sober 7 years in 5 more days! So much happier. So I really understand please message me anytime your having a tough time if you can. I'm on disability so always available!! In so sorry your struggling too!!

Do you live in the USA? I'm going to keep you in my prayers blue33!!! I take a shower in the morning and then sit on my couch all day or I never leave my bedroom. Its an awful way to live!

I have not had time to read all of the responses, but I looked it up on Amazon, and they have it. They also seem to have a generic brand for a lot cheaper. I don't have time right now to read reviews or anything, but I definitely will. Thanks for sharing this with us!

Oh yeah absolutely! I'm praying it will work for you!!!

Thank you! Right now I'm on Xanax, but it's always nice to know of a possible natural cure.

Where do you get true calm, and what is the cost...what is it? How long does the calm last? Do you also take, anxiety and or depression med?

I got it from nutrition store. It just has a calming effect. Not sure what's in it. The cost was I think was 20 bucks for 90 veggie caps. I take pristiq for depression and he prescribed a drug that's for your heart but works for anxiety called propynolol. Not sure if that's spelled right.

Hi there, I'm glad you found a supplement that works for you. I thought I found one but then I got a bad reaction from it. I was taking HCF (Happy, Calm, Focused). I had to go to urgent care because I had 2 sleepless nights, itchy skin, dizziness and nausea. Like any supplements just be careful. I don't know if Lexapro made the supplement interact badly. I hope you continue to have anxiety-free days! <3

Wow I'm so glad your ok! I get a lot of sleepless nights too. They are just no fun are they? Hoping for less anxiety cause I had it badly on my walk. Ad to rush back home. I've got less anxiety but some is still there. Disgusted with how ugly I looked so I freaked out and came back! Its a nightmare!!!

I’ve heard you can potentially get something like overload of seratonin from taking certain medicines plus natural supplements that can help boost serotonin. So do be careful- always check with dr when taking medications if you want to try something new, medications can have side effects even with certain foods like grapefruit for example!! I think an natural is option is awesome though if it may work out for someone!! Glad to hear experience of the one mentioned above helping!!! But yea safe idea to research first and make sure no risks of interactions!!!!

What helps me when I'm not feeling well is going to the patio and getting some sun. Even if you feel better try to get 15 minutes of sun early in the morning or after 4 pm every day. After those 15 minutes you can stay in the shade. Putting your feet on the grass or sand is good also ("earthing"). I also pray and read positive things from the Bible. I don't watch the news.

lovedogs51511 in reply to Lilly5

Thanks ill try and do those things. I already pray daily.Have a great day!!


It’s a magnesium supplement. Magnesium is a relaxing mineral. You can also spray magnesium oil on your skin it is very well absorbed that way. You can take epsom salt baths which is magnesium chloride. Taking magnesium orally works but it can cause diarrhea if you take too much. Dr. Caroline Dean wrote the Magnesium Miracle for anxiety, depression etc.

Starrlight in reply to Hidden

I like the idea of a spray but I wonder how much to spray, can you get too much?

Hidden in reply to Starrlight

There really is no overdose for the spray, and it doesn’t pass through the digestive system. 4 sprays is a dose, i use between 4 and 8 sprays before bedtime.

Starrlight in reply to Hidden

Cool. Thanks!

This product is similar to the Calm I give my kids with magnesium and calcium for focus and calming. It works great! Is it continuing to work for you Lovedogs?

I just went to new Dr and he suggested the true calm. My mom and I went and picked it up and I had been shaking all day and during my Dr appt. After taking one veggie cap I calmed down and was even a bit sleepy. It was such a relief. I hope they keep working. Went out for walk but only got anxiety from seeing what I looked like in my mirror. Face sagging, hair has nothing but split ends, hair was going crazy and it was stringy and just a plain ol mess. I rushed home asap. I just wanted to die!!! How are you starrlight???

I’m so happy that the Calm is working for you! Good for getting out too I know it can be so difficult so awesome job! Oh Lovedogs don’t break your own heart, I know you don’t mean to, it’s hard to help it, I do that too, look in the mirror and focus negativity upon myself and it breaks my own heart. Some days I feel good and can look in the mirror and appreciate things about myself. I am okay today off and on, been having mood swings a lot lately. Thanks for asking how I am. Have a beautiful night my amazing friend!!!

I'm so sorry your having the mood swings I know how hard that is to deal with!! Your a sweet person and I'll keep you in my daily prayers Starrlight!!!🙏🙏 Thank you kindly for your kind words! Your to nice! The thing is is I just can't get off the cigs and that's what is sagging my face! I keep thinking what the hell is wrong with you. Your doing this to yourself! I'm desperate to quit!!! I can't take being this gross! Anyhoo enough of me complaining!! Lol. Hope you have a wonderful Friday night and even a better weekend😀😎😊

You are super sweet. Quitting smoking is HARD ha as you know of course! But you are not alone and like I said before I want my husband to quit but it won’t happen until he is ready.

Thanks I hope we both have a great weekend. 😃 😊

Oh and I really appreciate your prayers!!! I will keep you in mine.

I take Gaba and 5 htp ( over the counter) which seen to help somewhat. Where did you get this?

I got it at our Dixie Nutrition store. It works to chill me out. Just praying it keeps working!!! Hope you have a great weekend!

Thank you. I will look around in the Northeast in Whole Foods. You have a fine weekend too.

Anyway glad it worked for you! Thank you!

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