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4am thoughts

Hey guys

So sometimes when I'm depressed or have anxiety I write to help me feel better and kind of track how I'm doing so that I can either improve or be proud of myself for improving. It goes back and forth but right now I wrote this and maybe some of you can relate.


I was doing so good for such a long time

But anxiety creeps up on you without too many signs

It's not the easiest to deal with

Here I am at 4am

I have an early class tomorrow

But my anxiety says not according to "them"

It's like a battle with out a face

Just this thing inside of me taking over

Crazy how it's inside me but yet so unrecognizing to me

I mean not unrecognizing because I've danced with it before

But its not who I see in myself, at least not me at the core

I feel so out of control

Almost like having an addiction not allowing me to sleep

But I'm not the one that's addicted...

Anxiety's the one that's addicted to me.

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Wow! Great job! I am just over here awake-gretting🤦🏻‍♀️ Way to be productive and work through your issues! Absolutely awesome!

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Thanks!! Regretting what?


😂😂 fretting! Tired and wired made for many typos😂

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I love it..Im addicted..you got another one

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That’s perfect but sad!

I feel your pain I’m in your same boat

I have nothing not even hope

anxiety is a monster

who comes in wonders in our head

I want to go to the doctor but they just want to put me on some meds

I rather just lay up in my bed

crying myself to sleep with no one hearing me weep

cuz no one around here truly understands

they all just demand that I’ll be fine

When will I have the time to shine

To be okay again

To God I just pray Amen 🙏


What is your anxiety related to, may i ask


Idk how I’m barely seeing this but I remember I was so scared to share what i wrote but now I’m so happy I did becuz u shared this and it’s really good! Atleast we get some beautiful words from sad situations


I feel it too, im hopeless. If this is ocd i cant fight much longer


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