I joined today!

I saw this site/app with the help of my favorite author, Colleen Hoover in one of her books — Without Merit.

I’ve been struggling with anxiety and some panic attacks for a long time already. I haven’t been to any psychiatrist or help. But, I can just feel it. Everything.

I joined today because I have no one to talk to and I’ve been looking for this kind of support group ever since I felt all the feelings that I’m feeling. But it’s hard since here in my country, people don’t take this things seriously.

Looking forward on talking to people. Hello!

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  • Hello and welcome. And thank you for sharing your challenges and your expectations. You'll find many fine members are here for support and to request it too. Feel free to contribute.

  • Thank you HearYou!😊

  • Hello glad you took the chance, what country are you in? It is sad to me that mental illness is not recognized world wide, as it exists world wide.Sorry you have not gone for help, why suffer if there is help available. How about a therapist? Or a support group. Perhaps you need to be on meds. Can you talk to your Dr.? I applaud you for writing to us, we will help you all we can. I send you Love, peace and courage. Sprinkle 1

  • Thank you so much, Sprinkle 1. I’m from the Philippines. My family won’t allow me. :( They don’t believe that I’m really suffering from depression they say that it’s just a bad day and it will all go away tomorrow.

  • Hi and welcome. I joined two months ago. and I love the people on here. They are all full of love and kindness :)

  • Thank you Purple_54!☺️

  • Welcome!!! We are here and we all care! PLEASE see a doctor as soon as possible. You need help! I really think your doctor could help you. I’m sorry you are feeling this way. I saw your post about cutting yourself. As a mother that truly hurts my heart! You really need help. You do have someone to talk to now! I don’t know what country you are from. I am from the USA and mental health is taken very seriously. I just can’t imagine a doctor not helping. You’ve got to try! You can private message me to talk if needed! Hit me up on fb if needed. Shawn Skinner Lawson to message me but most people on here are very nice and will respond quickly too. Go to doctor and tell him everything! Please! Let me know what happens! I’ll be praying for you!

  • This made my heart hurt. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s one of the many messages that actually touch my heart. Really. Thank you. :’) My Mom actually doesn’t care at all and maybe I accepted it already. I’m just glad that I found this app. Thank you, I hope there’s a lot of people in this world like you. I’m from the Philippines.

  • I am sorry for your parents ignorance. I would look for a Dr. who helps people with depression, ask him for a therapist and or a support group. You do not deserve to suffer, I hate to advise you to go behind your parent back, but your mental health is VERY IMPORTANT. No one should suffer when there is help available. Be strong and do what you have to for yourself. This is your life and needs to be lived in happiness. I send you strength, love and peace. Sprinkle 1. And please be sure and write to us, we will help you all we can.

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