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Frequently I am experiencing short (20 minutes to two hours) of intense anxiety leaves. These come with crippling nausea, as I am also an emetophobic, the inability to speak, move or even experience a change in light or sound without either fainting or shaking so hard I fall over. Despite being on Lexapro, I can't manage these, and when they happen I legitimately feel like I would rather die than experience one more. I've turned to cutting and self destructive behaviors like intentionally not eating because of the emetophobia and the fear that food will trigger an attack. I'm spiraling and I desperately need something to cling to. Any ideas are welcome and greatly appreciated

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  • Hi onelittlerose,

    I was in a similar bout of intense anxiety and depression about five years ago. I'm glad to see you are taking lexapro, because that was the antidepressant that helped me rise above my depression and anxiety at that time. I also was a cutter back then, too.

    Are you seeing a therapist? How much are you taking per day?

  • I'm seeing a therapist, but not really gaining much from it, and taking a half pill a day because when I tried to take more it made it worse

  • Do you have a connection and feel comfortable with your therapist? My heart goes out to you. Please take care!

  • I'm certainly comfortable with them, but I don't feel like I'm getting to where i need to be. And thank you so much <3

  • Keep trying okay? I'm here for you!

  • Inability to speak, fainting, and cutting. I'm no expert but it sounds like you need professional help immediately. Can you go somewhere to be evaluated? I think you should. No one should suffer this way alone.

  • Onelittlerose are you still here?

  • I'm here, and I think I'm safe for now but next week I will be seeing a therapist every day to make sure

  • I'm worried about you. I've been anxious for a very long time and this does not seem normal. I want you to be okay.

  • Ps, you're so pretty ☺

  • Aww thanks

  • I know that's not what matters. Sometimes ppl think pretty girls should be okay and they don't need help. They get overlooked because everyone thinks you're okay. Anxiety and depression touches everyone. I was just giving a compliment but I know it doesn't matter.

  • It's so sweet of you though, other than my boyfriend, who is absolutely the most amazing person, I don't get told that often at all. And it means a lot to someone like me, so really, thank you so so much <3

  • You are Beautiful!!!!!!!!!

  • Thank you so much <3 <3 that means a lot

  • Good! Please go everyday.

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