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First Psychiatrist Appointment

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Later on this afternoon I have my first appointment with a psychiatrist for my crippling anxiety and depression that has stemmed from the anxiety. I know I shouldn’t be, but I am honestly terrified of this appointment. From anyone who has gone to a psychiatrist what should I expect from this experience? What was your experience? Is it more clinical like a primary care doctor or laid back and comfortable like a counselor or therapy session? I do a lot better when it feels more of a conversation even though I know they’re assessing me, but is it just different from psychiatrist to psychiatrist or is it almost one in the same besides obviously having different personalities?

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I was also worried about going at first, but my guy is awesome. I felt like we had been friends by the end of my first visit. He was really friendly and it was very casual, like having a talk with a friend. He encourages you to bring your spouse if it makes you feel more comfortable and also so he can get their perspective on your issues.

Since my anxiety is basically gone,he said he only need to touch base every 6 months or so, unless I feel like something has changed and I need to see him. He sends me an email every 3 weeks or so just to see how I'm doing and ask about what I've been up to and how my family is.

Hope you have a great laid back experience that makes you feel at ease.

Thank you for the answer, it did go better than I thought (:

Great to hear that it went better than you thought. It's a big let the healing begin. Have a great rest of your day.

Thanks for the update. Can you tell us what happened that made it go better than you thought? Whatever it was overcame your anxiety which is natural doing anything let alone visiting a psychiatrist for the first time

I guess finally being able to vent to a professional and get a solid diagnosis and treatment plan in a comfortable environment made me feel a lot better.

I'm so glad that it went well! It takes courage to seek help, and you did it!

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