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Given up

I'm so lost and confused about life. Depression has gotten ahold of me and won't let go. It's torturing our souls. It's evil. I feel so different and weird from society. I feel invisible to everyone. I feel like I'm stuck in purgatory.... Like I lost everything that means so much to me. Nostalgic thoughts. But I'm also scared. I have bad PTSD. I feel bad but weed helps with my anxiety and depression. But I feel weak and awful cause I don't think the people around me accepts weed as a medicine for others....

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Hello, I know how you feel, I feel like you described, I have depression & anxiety, I feel like a creature, not myself. It is awful and I hate the fear that goes with the anxiety. I get help here from fellow sufferers, and I am on med's that are working very slowly, I will not judge you for smoking weed, in some states it is recognized for its medicinal quality. We will help you if we can, keep coming back to us, we send you love and peace. Sprinkle 1


I know. But those dark thoughts of suicide. And those voices you know? No one understands your story. But u also don't like opening up to everyone because you're scared of worrying them. You know? It's illegal in some states. And it's just hard to be stuck in rock and hard place. Thank you for reaching out my friend. It means alot to me. Music has helped me. But with the recent passing of Chester from linkin park it tortured the soul. I create music in meantime. I just hope people can help with the music

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I understand the voices, they come with my depression they are awful, but I know they are also my brain lying to me. I wonder are you on any med's, sounds like you need an antidepressant. As for talking, no you cannot just trust people, most of them do not understand. I would find myself a good therapist to talk to, and also a support group - they are great. Yes I find music helps me, quiet music and I cannot stand all quiet. I like adult coloring books they help take me out of myself. I also do those word search puzzles . Keep us in mind when you want to vent, we are here to support you. I send you love and peace. Sprinkle 1

PS Do at least one good thing a day for you.


Its ok to think about suicide..Just don't do it..we understand your story..its great that you are on here..it will really help you..how does weed make you feel better? ..everyone is entitled to their own opinion do stop feeling week and awful..I like the idea you create music..that's great...you are different..we are all different..we are unique individuals..you can contribute to society..


I have anxiety , depression and I’m bipolar. Weed helps me also .. more than any of these shit drugs they prescribe me .. why is something that grows naturally from the earth so frowned upon .. I just admitted to my therapist it’s the only things that calms the noise in my mind .. she obviously didn’t have much to say to that since it’s illegal .. I hear you .. unfortunately I’ve decided to stop smoking since I don’t have the funds anymore .. back to depakote , lexapro and my panic attack pills .. just shoot me already


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