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My first post ever and it is the most embarrassing thing. On May 23rd 2017 i had my first Panic Attack after a team meeting. I didn’t know at the time it was a panic attack. I thought i was dying my legs were numb my arms felt like ants and my chest was hurting and i was hyperventilating and i called 911 and the ambulance came and i freaked out even more and had two more on the way to the hospital. I now have them on a regular basis and on Aug 31st my doctor took me off work. I delayed going on disability because I’m only 30 years old i want to work for my home and responsibilities. But after my second hospital emergency my doctor took me out of my job; i have fallen in a severe depression since the start. I’ve filed workers comp because of the initial attack was due to insulting comments from management and following the report i was targeted. I am now in the worst situation, was denied workers comp. I have filed state disability since Aug, feel like a failure and the bills are piling up and I’m drowning. I asked my brother for help and gas money. I feel humiliated and degraded from all this. I forget to eat, I cannot sleep without Benadryl and I can’t even pay my therapist over due bill and my bank is over drawn and I’m going to lose my car. I’m praying i get state disability, they sa money isn’t everything or that money doesn’t buy happiness. Well when you’re broke and ready to quit on everything. Money can buy you help, for gas for food for medicine for a good therapist for your mortgage for dog and cat food.

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  • Sorry this has happened. I hope this isn't too much but why would a doctor tell you not to work? If you have over fifty people at your place of work you are entitled to a leave of absence with approval for at least three months. Granted, it is unpaid but at least you have a job to come back to if you can.

  • Yes I’m on leave of absence and I only have enough until Nov 3rd

  • Thank goodness you are on a LOA. I hope that you get the help you need in this almost month's of time,

  • Me too! I have the Standard disability insurance plan and they had approved me then now pended my case. It has been a nightmare! Never get them as a disability insurance they are careless and awful.

  • I hope that you can contact 211 - will social services be able to provide you with any help?

  • I’ve never called 211 what happens when you do?

  • Are you in the US? I do not know about your area, but you can get some info for different kinds of services. That is about all I know. Hope this helps.

  • With all the stress no wonder you are having them. I hope that you are able to get back to work and have some destressing techniques. I am just a mere citizen and know what this is like. I recently read some really cool tricks about mindfulness and meditation as well as walking in nature.

  • Yess the goal is to get healthy and back to work. Some days are better than others, i just hope to fight through this difficult time

  • I will be thinking about you. You sound like you are strong. What kind of work do you do?

  • Thanks I’m trying

  • OK. Practical matters first. Do you have a workers comp attorney or a social security attorney. Get both ASAP. Like yesterday. Being turned down once doesn't mean you stop trying to get benefits. Am not going to say any more at this point. Except find the local food pantries and bank on your therapist will stay with you, as the therapist is an important person in getting your benefits. That's enough to chew on for now. Take some action on these things ASAP. And keep in touch with us. Like every day as long as you have the power to text or use internet. We understand where you are emotionally, financially and with your self worth. You are the type of person people will help in some way because of your attitude and you don't need $ upfront usually to get a workers comp atty or SSD attorney, and you are going to need both in this world of ours. OK? OK.

  • Thank you and i will. 🙏🏽

  • I will be thinking about you also. Please keep in touch.

  • Sorry to hear of the panic attacks -- I had no idea how bad they are until I had several earlier this year when I was taking Prozac. It was so frightening and wouldn't wish on anyone. I don't know anything about how financial help works in the US as I'm in UK but HearYou sounds very informative. I think you're doing the right thing in reaching out here and I hope you get the right financial help very soon. You deserve to get help so don't give up. Best wishes.

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