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Hi everyone,

I just joined a couple days ago. Anxiety and depression have been wreaking havoc on my mind, heart and soul for the past couple weeks. I've been working really hard to manage it and keep it under control. But one particular area where I have a lot of difficulty is patience with others. With loved ones and strangers alike. I get impatient driving, I get impatient when I think friends ignore me (or when I feel that way, doesn't always mean they are necessarily ignoring me), and sometimes when I'm around family. I think part of the problem is I want to control everything, which takes a little humbling of myself to admit. I struggle with remembering that you can only control yourself, you can't control others. I know when things are going "according to plan" I don't get as impatient. Does anyone else struggle with this?

Another problem I have is jealousy. With loved ones usually. Whenever a friend has a success (they get some kind of praise, or compliment), I get jealous and I think it's probably because I wish people would notice and compliment how hard I'm working just to maintain some kind of normalcy. I don't need to be validated by others. But why does jealousy and envy seem to be a constant whenever other people succeed? There are also a lot of goals I want to achieve that I haven't started working on yet. That's a big part of it too...

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Yes I struggle with it I find that working out, meditating and praying has helped me focus on less negativity. I also go to the gym regularly and try and keep myself busy. I also found that talking to a friend or family member about how u feel really helped. Good luck to u!

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All great suggestions! Thank you! I was just thinking tonight actually how I haven't meditated in a long time. That helps immensely.


I understand how u feel. It might be social anxiety. It’s all in your head! Also get medical tests if u haven’t already to check any underlying reasons for the anxiety.


It's not social anxiety. I have anxiety in social situations but I'm not crippled by it. Although I'm kind of like a walking contradiction because I love people but also get anxious around people.


Me too!


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