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significant other's depression

i'm currently dealing with my own issues of depression and anxiety, and my girlfriend is also depressed. i want to comfort her and be there for her, but it's hard to take care of myself and her at the same time. has anyone else experienced this? i love her more than anything and i want to be with her, but it's just so stressful sometimes...

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So I just recently came to terms with my conditions which is bipolar, depression,& anxiety finally swallowed my pride and ego and went to look for help. Finally am getting the help and finally my meds are just starting to work the minimal effect dosage is 200mg of lamictal and I had to start of at 25mg and slowly work my way up took weeks. Anyways so my bf also suffers from bipolar, depression, anxiety & PTSD but he has been dealing with his a lot longer then I have years for him I'm relatively new to mine. So I'm learning how to handle and deal with my episodes and we trying to be there for each other and at times we are at each other's throat, frustrated with one another, I believe that sometimes some space is needed even though at times one doesn't want to be alone. Maybe therapy sessions with a professional if your two are comfortable with that but one must listen to what the other going through or feeling and vice versa. I'm hoping one day me and my bf can do that at the moment out communication with one another is down the drain and we are trying to work on it but it's not easy at all. Just hang in there and also you must also help yourself before you can for others

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Hi, I too have been dealing with my own depression and anxiety for years.

So has my boyfriend. Unfortunately, none of the meds he has tried have helped, so far, except for one years ago, but it have him awful acid reflux.

He has no friends. They all died young and he feels like he has no purpose in life and has been losing interest in things he used to love.

I'm doing better but I don't get out much either but I DO get out more than him.

Recently, I have encouraged him to ask his meds Dr if there is another anti-depressant that is the same type as Anafranil (sp?).

I currently don't have much advice for you right now.

Just make sure to take care of yourself first, so you will be able to help her.

Good luck and Hugs,



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