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I'm new to this reaching out for help from strangers. Very scary. Still not sure if what Im feeling is caused by anxiety and depression, but whatever is going on with me is very upsetting. Went to see a counselor last week. Did bloodwork today and Dr appt this Fri. I've had anxiety all my life but not this severe. So scared, not sure what's going on with me. Can't focus, can't sleep, racing thoughts, confused, trouble rememberin things, panic attacks and feeling numb. Help!

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Are you currently on any meds for your anxiety or depression?


I'm currently taking a dietary supplement for anxiety that I got from my Chiropractor. It does help take the edge off. Going to speak to my Dr on Friday about an antidepressant. Honestly scared about taking psych meds.


@pshenefield please don't be afraid of meds, modern antidepressants can work with minimal side effects, though once on them it's unlikely you'll be able to take dietary supplements, St Johns Wort, etc.

They do take a while to work but can take the edge off and help us cope.

Good luck


I do need to make sure what my chiropractor recommends is ok with an antidepressant. The chiropractor said I would be able to take this supplement with an antidepressant. It doesn't have St. Johns Wort in it also. I needed something that worked now to get my brain from racing all the time and help me relax enough to sleep. Hopefully I can continue to take it.


Anti depressants haven't helped me and to be honest the side effects were terrible. Best of luck. Do you know if you have an MTHFR mutation? I know this can make people more sensitive to medication.


I have no idea what that is. So far I haven't taken the antidepressant. Still taking the dietary supplements along with working on realizing what my triggers are thru counseling.


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