Glad to find you! I was diagnosed this past summer. I thought I would be better by now....but, I am still feeling the effects of heart, HBP and general uncomfortable feeling. I have been practicing deep breathing, stretching, exercising and meditation and other relaxation techniques. I also have Zanax when needed...which some days is necessary to keep my bp down. The Dr. I was referred to for help is too busy for new patients, so I do not have one, but, I am thinking it would be good for me to find another one.

Hope tonight is a good one for you who are reading this!!!

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  • Finding a psychiatrist is sometimes difficult and often they can't get you an appointment for at least a month (at least in my area). I would get an appointment and see a general practitioner for medication management until you can get in to the psychiatrist. Therapy with a psychologist or social worker is also very helpful and they are usually easier to make prompt appointments with.

  • I agree with the 1st response, except getting in to see a good psychiatrist takes even longer where I live. Yes, find another one if you can't get in to see this one and see your GP until then. And I say that counseling is very, very important. All of the exercises you have been doing are great, I say keep them up and you'll be helping yourself very much. The xanax is good to have to take when needed and you'll need less because of the exercises you're doing. You're on the right track, just keep it up!

  • I was diagnosed with GAD this last week and am struggling tonight. I have found yoga and exercising to help a lot. The most frustrating part is my head always being in a fog and my body not being my own. I also find myself really sensitive to the cold and shiver severely at even slightly cooler temperatures.

    But when I feel normal, I cherish every moment. I feel like all of this is a terrible dream and I will one day just wake up from it. I want it to end so bad, but it has taught me to appreciate so much of what I do have. I wish you the best in your battle against this disease. You DESERVE to be happy. Don't quit and stay strong.

  • Thank you. I love warmth. I have my heat blanket around me now...and it is not that cold. Hot showers are amazing for me!!

    I so agree with you, I am very very appreciative of good days. I have gotten pretty good at being kind to myself when days are not good. It amazes me how I can start out having good feelings, and without warning I can crash. It must be either subconscious or chemistry. IDK, but it is what it is....and it's all good in it's own way

  • Have you seen a doctor for medication? I have to wait till I get back to where I love after the holidays to see a doctor. I hope medication will work for me.

  • Yes, when I was diagnosed, I was given Zanex. At first I didn't like it, it spaced me out. Now, I take half pill when I need it, and it doesn't make me spacy. I am grateful for it!!! I think it will work for you, give it time.

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