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Hi friends,

I used to work at big companies and just last year I started to work in a small company (80 ppl). I used to be happy to go to work, enjoy making friends in the company and hang out with the closer ones on the weekends as well. But few months after I started at my current company, I found myself depressing at work. I feel bored, not motivated, cannot concentrate at meetings. And I feel like my colleagues don't want to talk to me or give me fake smiles when they see me. My manager told me I am a different person but I don't know what's got into me. Should I seek help from a therapist?

Thank you for reading my post!



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  • Hi I assume you think you could be suffering from anxiety/depression as you have posted in here? If I was in your shoes I would see my doctor first to see what s/he thinks. x

  • Thank you for replying my post!

    I have tried sports, meditation, talking to my manager etc. When I talk to my family and friends, they basically suggest me to leave this company. I am just not sure what to do.

    I will take your advice and talk to a therapist..

    Thank you again!

  • Sounds like you should see a therapist and a psychiatrist in case meds are needed. Hang in there.

  • When you say you're bored, unmotivated and having difficulty concentrating that does sound like depression. But how are you outside of work? I always think if you are questioning whether to seek therapy or not it's always better to lean toward yes. I think we can all use the opportunity to check in on our mental and emotional well-being even when we're "ok".

  • When I am at home, I feel much better really, sort of feeling relieved. I tried to look up books, internet when these symptoms just started and some websites suggest I might have a "burnout" from work. So I took few days off and visited few places I have never been before. Yes I got better after I came back from my trips but few weeks later, the issue came back again.

  • I think my manager felt my stresses as well and I am not sure if I will be at risk of losing my job for these symptoms I am experiencing.

  • I would see a therapist immediately so he/she can refer to a psychiatrist. Sounds like you're heading in a bad direction.

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