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new to this site, have been struggling with anxieties for a few years, different meds, counselors, etc. still have troubles with work anxieties, I work as a maintenance associate at a fast paced organization. I have 17 years on this job. Now worry about forgetting steps and possibly getting someone injured. Not many worries about health, finances, mostly just job related performance. Have been told that i am overthinking and just relax. Sunday's are tough, go to church, but most of the day spent just dreading going to bed because i have to get up and start the work week. So worn out at the end of each day just from anxiety that evenings at home are not so enjoyable.

Really haven't found anyone who actually seems to understand. have tried keeping journals, and breathing exercises, so far some of the meds, effexor, seroquel, lorazepam. work for a while then all tend to cause anger issues after being on them for long periods. I just hope to find some suggestions for other ways to cope.

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Hi, sorry to hear you feel this way.

Over thinking is one of my problems along with setting my standards for myself at an unrealistic level.

I am not sure if it will help, but I use a 6 phase meditation and part of this is to set a daily intention where you focus on how your day is going to look. You could try it and imagine feeling confident at the start of you day and go I g through your daily tasks with confidence. I did a post on the 6 phase meditation if you want to have a look.

Also it can help to think back to a tinge where you felt confident, relaxed and in charge of your job. Think about how it felt and how you behaved at that time could help you to remember that confident feeling and remind d you that you can do your work successfully.

Hope these ideas will at least give you some options to think about.

Take care.


Hi Nowwhat,

I too am struggling with work so I feel like I have Mondayitis every day.

I have been given the option of making a self-referral for a confidential session or two at the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). I want to learn some tips on how to disclose my issues at work to my team leader. It really is a difficult conversation to have but I need to do it.

My doctor and psychiatrist are supportive of this move because the EAP specializes in work issues.

There is an excellent book called "Working in the Dark" by Fawn Fitter which is an informative guide to staying at work while dealing with a mental illness.


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