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I have been having anxiety and depression for 4 months now. Had it in the past but not for years. On meds and therapy. Thought it would just “go away” by now I guess. But it’s here and bad.... mostly in morning til noonish when I have to just lie down because I’m exhausted. Then I perk up later, because the day is also over. Feel hopeless at times. 3 daughters and a husband who doesn’t know quite what to do. Off of work for summer but will soon be back in full swing with kids etc( fearing so much that I can’t handle this). Any thoughts please.

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For some reason I do better at night in regards to depression too.

I have to force myself to do things but once I get moving I feel better. Caffeine plays a small part in that 😊. My daughter has activities and play dates and that makes me get out when I would rather be on a couch with a book.

I have become resistant to anti-depressants but group therapy does help me. That also makes me get out of the house and out of my head.

Hang in there...

I feel like you and I are kindred spirits. I have also dealt with anxiety and depression in the past, but have done quite well for years. I weaned off Zoloft and went my merry way. Well, I had some life stress hit me hard about a month ago and down the black hole I went. Summer sucks for me because I’m an educator and have summers off and nothing but time to obsess over very negative and worst case scenario thoughts. Mornings are a living hell, but by 2pm I start to feel a tad better. By 4pm I’m good until bedtime when I know I have to wake to that horrible anxiety. I started back on my Zoloft and also started therapy about 3 weeks ago. Slowly, I’m feeling relief. I still have stress and triggers but I’m learning new ways to cope and problem solve. I’m here if you ever need or want to chat. —Eileen

I went through the exact issues as you are going through. Just came out of my depression,but I almost gave up. So I changed things up. I exercised more,had my doc change my meds, changed my diet to healthy one and did Acupuncture.I hope this helps.

Good luck and don't give up,no matter what.


What has changed or occurred these past four months that might have brought back your anxiety?

Hi have you had other tests to rule out the reason you get so fatigued ?

Have you checked the side effects of your meds? Sometimes they can make you more tired. Some meds can also make anxiety worse. Meds have worked for many of my family members, but I have chosen the natural route. Sometimes I have to force myself to do some things and plan my days. I like to listen to uplifting music and messages from my church. If you haven't already I would recommend getting a full physical. I have very low iron because of a previous surgery which is causing some of my fatigue. Praying for you!

I have been battling with depression, anxiety, and sleep issues for a long time. I am currently off work on leave of absence because I became overwhelmed with work, my family, etc. I am making sure I take my meds and go to group/individual therapy. I am trying to find ways to cope with stress/difficulties in life but it's a challenge. You need to let your therapist know because your meds may need to be adjusted. This may help and also exercising is good. Keep going to your therapy apts even when you return to work and of course continue your medication regimen.

I'm praying that things get better for you.

I found this new technique it’s called the one step technique. It’s very different. This MD has a different spin on things. It’s been helpful. Someone forwarded the book on line. Easy read, simply put it directs us toward the anxiety. I find it very powerful. His spin is that anxiety comes from exhaustion which can be either mental, emotional or psychical exhaustion. I must say that this technique has helped with the constant exhaustion. I also let go of caffeine,sugar and carbs. Please exercise also. One hour of cardio a day😀😀

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I can send you more information if you find this interesting.

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