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Can’t sleep

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I finally have a job interview setup for later on today and I’m extremely nervous...a panic attack is in my near future and I’m trying not to think to much about it haven’t told anyone about either, haven’t had any job interviews in anxieties are always holding me back and I get frustrated with myself I can’t let this pass me by but I’m not sure I can make it... help!

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Sending you hugs positive energy and good thoughts. You can do this! I wish you well on the interview.

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Good luck tomorrow ! Sending you peace and hugs !!! You got this !

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Thanks ☺️

I totally understand how you are feeling... I have an interview in 12 hours... beyond nervous. It's at my brother's office... so not only I am nervous about messing up, losing an awesome sounding job.... but also making him look bad. We can do this... anxiety is being it's evil lying self.... but it's not reality. Remember deep breathes, that we are amazing & we got this. Good luck 🤞

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Ty ☺️ and Good luck to you 🤞🏼

Good luck !!!

Love your dogs picture !! ;)

why are you nervous?

Job is a job .. they should be nervous if you like to work there or not.

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Im not sure nervous is even the right word to use maybe a sense of panic...I’ll try to see it that way though I’m sure the person interviewing me must be a bit nervous too.

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Stop having low self esteem. I was also nervous in connection with work, but once I stopped thinking about anyone else abetter, I stopped having any fears.

Listen, if you already have an interview, they are interested. That's it.

show some past projects, tell them you want to learn something new, give promise you can that you will try your best and will stay with them for certain time period.

that's it.

Those are just other furless monkeys, just like you. what is there to fear?

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Thanks for the advice.

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