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I'm not really sure what to do. I take my meds as i'm supposed to, I journal, I listen to calming music, I made a little reading nook I call "The Mermaid Cave", I use calming aromatherapy, I do things I enjoy like crocheting and painting, yet it still seems that I am not doing enough to show people i am getting better. My bf broke up with me a while back and said once he sees i am better and he wont have to take care of me all the time he will move back in our house, and we can eventually try to get back together. Now he says that he is not calm in the house and always feels stressed, but was able to spend almost a week in the house with me without any conflict. I know he just started a new job, and i start a new job in 2 weeks, so I wasn't expecting any major changes until we were both settled in our new jobs. but it seems like he isn't even willing to watch a movie in the living room with me. Any idea/insight to what is going on? or if I've messed up too much.

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I'm also really nervous about starting my new job because I've been fired from my last 2 for no apparent reason. I'm guessing it had to do with my anxiety, but they never actually said why.


Hi, I've tried everything also. I'm actually starting to feel like my husband is becoming distant. I feel like I am going to have to try and hide my emotions when around him, and try my best to seem happy. That's all I can think of to do. They just don't understand, especially if they've never experienced anxiety and depression.

Best wishes with your new job, and your bf.


now that i'm on the proper doses of medications, I have a lot of happy days, with almost no anxiety. Usually if i'm having a bad day, I will text him letting him know that i'm having a rough day. These are the days where I drag myself out of bed long enough to feed the animals, grab water, and maybe change my clothes. When he comes home from work and finds me in bed he doesn't get mad or upset. He climbs in the bed and cuddles with me.


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