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Hate my life

I really don,t know what to do any more. I walked out of my job nearly 3 years ago after watching the boss,s daughter rob him blind for 15 years and making it look like me (it,s a long story). I have not worked since due to health problems. Secondly I have been in a sexless marriage for 26 years maybe 2 or 3 times a year then about 6 years ago she told me its not important to her and would,nt be bothered if she never had sex again.

Well that,s when I gave up and it,s been eating away at me like a cancer ever since. I love my wife very much but realize my mental health is at stake and no sex is making me feel worthless Life is too short for us to live like this.

It’s not just about ‘sex It’s about the connection sex implies Of being wanted, to be loved both mentally and physically, to share, to connect and feel alive.

I don,t blame her in any way and over the years have come to accept that is how she is (not happy about but accept). So it would seem that now after years of refusing to take antidepressants I give in sweep the problems under the carpet and take them and spend the rest of my days like a numb zombi just to fit in

Sorry to go on but totally lost at the moment.

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Why don't you get yourself some interests, go join groups and do things with other people. Begin to enjoy your life.

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Hi sorry to hear this. As you have posted in an anxiety and depression site I presume you are suffering from these? Have you been to your doctor to try and get some help? x


Hi Hurting 247,

Welcome and thank you for sharing.

These are some big issues which you need help to work through.

If you don't have or feel comfortable talking to family members or friends, a psychologist can help with your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Your doctor may be able to refer you as part of your treatment plan.

If you would like to try something like meditation to calm the mind or something else, let us know and we can post some recommendations.


Hi Hurting. Sorry about the pain u r suffering. U wrote about you being blamed 4 stealing, I can rel8. Recently, a person who I thought was a good friend for several years accused me, on social media, of stealing from her. Didn't bother to discuss it, no benefit of the doubt, just wrote on instagram that I stole from her. Anyway, this forum is a good place to rant.

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Hi all have seen a psychologist putting me in for group therapy. I do have hobby/ interest but due to other health issues they get back seat a lot. Would love to get involved with groups or clubs but when i find one of interest it turns out its not even in my home town despite being advertised as such I no longer have a driving licence either which limits me to mobility scooter distance


I hear that - ur interests taking a back seat! Sorry things r tough. I hope the therapist works out. Sounds like ur in a bind with transportation. I'm sure u explored other avenues like buses or taxis. I wish u better times. U always have us on this forum! Someone always seems 2 b around. Take care.


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