I don't see excitement in things anymore, my mom frequently asks me to do something else other than use my computer but all I'm really doing on my computer is listening to music. Yoga? Music? Skating? Those things don't excite me like they once did, and really I don't know anymore. Who am I? Who are my friends? What do I like to do? I feel so detached and depressed 24/7 that I just don't know.

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  • I also do not enjoy things as much as I once did. Things that I LOVED are just 'meh' now. It has to do with the state we're in and the funk. One day soon the things you use to love will be enjoyable again. Just keep moving forward and try to stay positive.

  • Hey LoveyDovey how did you get Ambassador status? I'm just curious.

  • I represent the ADAA forum site. Help others, work with admins, report things that need to be reported, etc.

  • Just follow the rules set here and with health unlocked. I don't find them strict though, and I haven't had to report anything.

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