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Struggling with BPD

Hi all - I struggle with BPD, depression, anxiety, substance abuse... I am pretty sure I have hormonal fluctuations tied to my menstrual cycle that screw with my mental health big time. Due to a script issue, I didn't have my birth control this month (I'm now 2 1/2 weeks without) and my moods are all over the place, mostly low and anxious. I've been 8 months clean but the desire to use again is overwhelming. I found myself begging my partner last night for permission to use (I guess to ease my conscious?). I just got back on the NuvaRing a couple days ago and am hoping that helps, but in the meantime, I'm scaring myself. Any tips or support are much appreciated.

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Since I am a male I do not have much advice to give, however CONGRATULATIONS of 8 months of sobriety! That is a wonderful achievement. Welcome to the forums and i'm sure others will have more helpful information.


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