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Opinions on prozac?

I've just recently started working with a new doctor and therapist for managing my anxiety and depression. I took celexa a while back and absolutely hated It! It stopped my panic attacks but made me so depressed, and that was back before I really even felt depressed. I've been reluctant to using medication besides my ativan as needed but my therapist recommends Prozac. Lately the panic attacks have gotten better through working with my therapist but the depression has just recently hit me so hard. I wake up with overwhelming and physically painful sadness and I'm either not interested in anything or irritated by everything. I always get overly anxious about the side effects of any medication so I just wanna hear how Prozac has worked for others.

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Hi Loki. I'm new here but not new to anxiety or Prozac. I was on Paxil for many, many years. I've tried other meds too, all from my family doctor. I finally started seeing a psychiatrist who tweaked my dosages and finally ended up on Buspirone and Prozac. Neither of which did much for my anxiety. I'm glad you are making progress with your therapist! Keep up the good work! The 1st time on Prozac was 40mg and it made me feel like a zombie....a zombie with anxiety. No motivation and apathy out the Wazoo. Not trying to scare you at all or deter you from trying it. Everyone reacts different to each med. I hope the best for you and your continued progress with your therapist!

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