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Been on Prozac for 2weeks I really think my anxiety is getting worse I didn’t leave my house yesterday and don’t want to leave my house today it wasn’t like that at first I could leave my house I would just be extra anxious and I do my best to stay calm don’t want to give on taking Prozac because I want to be my sobriety first and my mental health it feels like am just struck right night and am just happy I don’t have any craving for alcohol another than that grateful for another 24 and being sober

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Was u drinking on Prozac? I use to self-medicate with alcohol because I wanted to numb my feelings and i wasn't ready to take medication because I wanted to continue to drink I been sober for 2 weeks do u have anxiety? Because I think Prozac is making everything worse for me right now I feel so list wish I never tried it now and people keep saying wait until 6/8 weeks don't know what to do right now

So u don’t take nothing for depression? So you’re not depressed no more? So Klonopin really help u with anxiety I use to take it years ago I take Xanax right now and scared I will get addictive to it think is time to talk to my doctor don’t want it to get worse

I understand u doing what’s best for u and if that’s helping u am happy for u and thank u for sharing your story because I don’t think Prozac is for me I been crying more and having negative thoughts and being afraid to leave my house and really not wanting to eat so I know it have to be the Prozac I was able to leave my house 2 days ago and now am not going no where

Am trying my best not to cover up my depression and anxiety with liquor I know that’s bad and I Just hate the why am feeling right w

Awwwww thank u and u right is Prozac and probably withdrawals and I need to stop the negative self talk about myself is hard to think positive when u already feel bad I use to be happy too when I was drinking alcohol and didn't worry about my problems I was living my life do the fullest am really trying to stay away from alcohol and get the help I really need am just struck right now and am really lost

Anxiety is a form of fear that triggers when you perceive that something bad is going to happen (in this case, you feel anxious about leaving your house because you think that something bad is going to happen). Even though you might not be aware of what is going through your mind at all times, your mind keeps processing information and it has found a potential threat. It is trying to make you aware of this potential threat so that you do something about it. Drugs and alcohol will give you a temporary relief and this anxiety will stop for a moment. Why? Drugs and alcohol inhibit the part of you that generates this anxiety. The thing is that anxiety is an alarm that is designed to protect you, it is not designed to hurt you. As long as this perceived threat is still outside your house, you will keep generating this anxiety. As long as you're not dealing with this perceived threat, you will keep generating these uncomfortable feelings designed to make you act.

What do you think will happen when you leave your house?

What is generating this anxiety?

Do you feel threatened by someone/something?

Do you think something bad is going to happen?

What can you do about it?

Tamka39 in reply to SebastianMax

All am worried about is having a panic attack or embarrassing myself in front of people my anxiety is through the roof but I was find 3 days ago been taking Prozac for 2 weeks and I just don’t think this medication is working for me I have Xanax but afraid to keep taking it don’t want to be addictive to it do u take medication? Do u have and anxiety and depression and what u do for coping skills?

SebastianMax in reply to Tamka39

I was born into a very hostile environment. I was abused every day and as a kid(an introverted and shy kid which only makes things worse because you keep things to yourself) i didn't have the skills required to stop the abuse. I tried asking for help but got useless advice like:"ignore them"(which doesn't work by the way, it only makes things worse).

Since the abuse was constant and since you learn things from those you interact with, i internalized the abuse and started insulting myself, hurting myself(physically) and basically hating myself for being me(the way i was at the moment).

So, being unable to deal with the source of this pain(stopping the abuse), i tried different ways to relieve the pain(even if it was temporary, it was better than feeling constant and intense pain all the time). I developed all kinds of addictions: started taking meds(stopped after noticing it only worked for a few hours), i got addicted to videogames(and after hours and hours of playing and only feeling good while playing i decided to stop), addicted to food(it felt good while eating A LOT but when i stopped i started to feel bad again so i started looking for something else-plus i started vomiting due to the huge amounts of food i was eating that my body couldn't process ), i didn't try alcohol because i saw my grandmother die because of alcohol(she suffered an alcohol induced coma)and i saw everyone suffer because of it so i decided to not even go that way. I got addicted to seducing women(because the sexual tension felt good) and stopped when i saw that girls were falling in love with me and since i was not really interested in a relationship because my life was a mess, i ended things with them and unfortunately caused them a lot of pain. Since the guilt of breaking girls hearts was only adding to the pain, i fell into porn(which like food feels good when you're watching it but the pain comes back).

After trying so many things, i decided to take a break from all these things to see how well i did without them.

First of all, i started experiencing anxiety/panic attacks about the thoughts on leaving my house(because of the idea of being mistreated by others outside my house, i was extremelly afraid of coming back to all those bad childhood moments). The constant pain was still there so i tried to end it all by trying to kill myself but i stopped myself and decided to try one more time. I unconsciously tried shutting down my emotions(feeling depressed) to stop the pain. But this didn't work either because it was stopping me from feeling pain, yes, but i wasn't able to feel good either(when you shut down your emotions you shut down the "bad ones" and the "good ones" too).

So i said: "enough is enough, there must be something i can do". This led me to:"what if all my pain is being caused by health problems?". So i went to the doctor and he said:"everything is fine, you're completely healthy". I was like: "im in constant pain and im completely healthy? weird..."

This led me to:"f#"!, now what do i do?"

So i started searching: "why do people suffer?"

This led me to studying:

a) psychology(which helped me understand how my mind works),

b) Meditation(which helped me to feel more relaxed and in this state i could manage my thoughts and influence my mind more easily) ,

c) NLP and hypnosis(which helped me work with the unconscious thought processes that i was experiencing while feeling bad),

e) CBT (which game me a system to manage my emotions that has worked pretty well so far).

So, after studying a bit(i think i still have a long way to go to become an expert, but im doing pretty well today), i learned how to modify this internalized abusive behaviour towards myself. I realized i was attacking myself because i was considering myself a threat to my well being(ironic, isn't it?), but the threat wasn't me but my passive behaviours against abuse. This led me to develop a more assertive attitude towards abuse(you need to stop people hurting you, but you don't have to hurt them because they're doing it to release their frustration which is being generated by a source).

I started managing my emotions/feelings better by trying to understand why i was feeling that way, i started to listen to my thoughts and i payed more attention to how i was perceiving things.

This led me to this system:

Every time you experience something(or you think about experiencing), your mind will interpret how this thing will affect your life. If you interpret that something will affect your life in a positive way, you will feel "good", if you interpret that something will affect your life in a negative way, you will feel "bad". What you feel is a compass that is working like an alarm to make you aware of how this thing that you're experiencing will affect your life. You're not defective for feeling anxious, this is just your mind trying to let you know that there's a potential threat nearby.

Be aware that you will interpret things with the information that you have available with you at the moment. If you have incorrect information or you're missing information, you will misinterpret what is happening around you and you will feel bad when nothing bad is happening. That is why you need to be careful where you're getting the information from and to always make sure the information is correct.

Your mind is designed to keep you alive, it's designed to satisfy your needs and your desires(which are meant to improve the quality of your life). When you feel bad, pay attention to:

What is being affected negatively?

is it one of your needs? is it your safety? something is making you feel unsafe? what it is? why is this making you feel this way?

What can you do about it?

Don't focus on working on the emotion/feeling, this is just a symptom designed to let you know something. This thing that will affect your life in a positive/negative way is the real source of this emotion/feeling. Work on the source(the threat that is causing this anxiety) and the emotion/feeling will stop from being generated(in this case your anxiety).

Tamka39 in reply to SebastianMax

Wow! That’s a lot of information to take in guess am still hurting from my childhood my die when to prison when I was 2 died in prison when I turned 8 and the day we buried my dad his brother started molested me until I was 12 and multiple people people did the same things friends and family and I had a lot of adusive relationships looking for someone to love me so I guess am kinda still keeping a lot of things inside I have a lot to learn it hurts

Tamka39 in reply to SebastianMax

Sorry u had to go through all that

Hi, Tamka - I've been taking Prozac for about 3 weeks and am still feeling a bit anxious and depressed. (Oddly enough my spirits improve as soon as the sun sets, but the daylight hours are pretty uncomfortable.) I am continuing with Prozac because I've read it may take another 3-5 weeks to relieve my anxiety and depression. I haven't found anything else that works for me, other than meditation, and meditation works only when I am actually sitting in a meditation group. Then I feel almost completely relaxed and at peace. The peace I get in meditation groups gives me hope that my anxiety and depression aren't ME; they are simply something I experience -- and the actions I take (such as participating in a meditation group) can change my experiences. I too am sober (with over 12 years of sobriety) and I am grateful that my obsession to drink has been lifted. As uncomfortable as I feel much of the time, I'm very aware that alcohol is no solution for my emotional problems and will only make them worse. Cherish your sobriety - it is a priceless gift. xoxo

Tamka39 in reply to Dormilona

Congratulations on your sobriety I don’t think Prozac is anti-depressants for me

I feel more depressed and anxious too and it been 2 weeks now and 2 weeks being sober I haven’t left my house in 2 days and and I feeling great at first I keep hearing awful things about Prozac I been praying and doing meditation and deep breathing the only place I feel safe is my house am just disappointed because I really wanted this medication to work for me so I could be on the right path of feeling better because am so use to self medicating on alcohol at times like this but am not even craving alcohol no more so that’s a good thing I just feel so unhappy right now

Are you able to express your concerns about Prozac to the doctor who prescribed it for you? I called my psychiatrist when I was worried about the headache I had as a side effect of Prozac, She reassured me that the headache was temporary and would pass, which it did. I'm so sorry you feel so unhappy right now. I understand, because I'm feeling pretty unhappy too, altho' not as unhappy as I feel when the sun is glaring down. I did a Google search about how long it normally takes for Prozac to relieve anxiety and depression, and I learned it can take weeks - so I'm holding on and hoping for the best - for both of us, Tamka, I have to practice patience, since I have no other cards to play right how. Peace to you.

Tamka39 in reply to Dormilona

Awwwww thank you praying 🙏🏾 it work out for the both of us . Hope u have restful sleep and Everything goes well in the morning am asking God give us the strength to make it through the night and make it through many many other days sending u a great big hug 🤗 and positive vibes Good night❤️🙌🏾🌹

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