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Some more ventilation

I can't stand this taking over me so much. Today I tried to do a couple things (since past few days have barely got out of bed) I went to the gym to maybe boost me up a bit, get some endorphins going, some movement for my body to loosen up, since I had enough energy to at least try. But nope. Did nothing for me. My music usually will take me into another place, and I can zone out. But its like nothing is working. I am still stuck in this. So uncomfortable. Its a mixed state of depression and anxiety for me- like I am so down and not into anything but then my anxiety is having my head race, I am thinking about all the things I can't do because of all this, and its just a whirlwind in my head. I can't understand any of it anymore. Its so exhausting. It feels like the depression and anxiety are fighting for my attention- 2 totally different vibes and its leaving me so uneasy. I am so bored yet when I attempt to function, even simple tasks, it takes everything out of me.

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Here is a clue. Depression, anxiety as well, if untreated, both get worse over time. Coping mechanisms are only valuable for a period. After a while, you will need to find an entirely new set of ways to deal.

I would suggest you get to a psychiatrist who can listen to you and help you in picking a treatment plan that best works for you and helps treat your situation.

When the medication starts normalizing your mood, I would also suggest you start working on conquering any fears, insecurities, shame, feelings of guilt, and unforgiveness you may have packed into your mind there. Those are ghosts that depression and anxiety send out to haunt you. When you get rid of the ghosts, depression, and anxiety will loose their power over your mind.

Yes, it all is easier said than done but it is doable and it is all up to you to get that taken care of cause medication can't do that for you.


I am seeing psychiatrist. Was just venting, really don't need a lecture on what I should be doing.


This may sound stupid but I was reading an article on the internet where it said to let it happen because it's going to keep coming at you but if you let it happen and you tell yourself it'll be alright than eventually it'll get better Day by day because you know what to expect I know because I went through it and still going through it today I've been out of work for months feeling down and out but I must say things is slowly turning around for me if you can afford it see a psychologist but if you can't read about anxiety and depression so that you are aware of your condition and look at some YouTube videos on anxiety it's 2 girls on YouTube by the name of Nikki Phillips and Melanie Murphy they have good anxiety help videos and also meditation I have an app on my phone called headspace


Hi happygirl Yes I have the app Headspace on my phone too! I try to use it every morning and every night before I go to sleep, to set my head in the best possible position before sleep and before start of day.

Yes I know letting it happen and letting it go through you is the best thing to do, its just really hard because it keeps on coming, it should be exhausted by now but instead I just am completely drained.

Thanks for all the tips. Greatly appreciate. I know the more we educate ourselves on it the better equipped. I just figured after 10 years of this I'd be able to handle better.

Hoping for brighter days ahead, for now, letting it do its thing, I will try!

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Kobojunkie......who are you to be telling everyone what to do. You don't even know these people and what there going through. Anxiety is different for everyone and what works for one doesn't work for someone else. Unless you have something helpful to say don't be so rude and angry. Maybe you should see a doctor and work on your anger issues.


I am here reading all your thoughts. I am sorry I could not help much. I'm trying to help a friend who does not want any prof. help, and who just tries to alleviate his feelings of anxiety on his own. Hugs to all of you. I can see you're all trying your best. Maybe, we can just encourage each other.


Each is exhausting...both can be debilitating. Please seek help as soon as you can. It is SO hard.


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