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Anxiety + relationships

Hello community members!

I am currently at the peek of my anxiety disorder. My panic attacks have gotten more frequent and my excessive worry is effecting my day to day life. I am in therapy and will be starting anti-anxiety medication soon. I am also in a relationship with a very supportive, patient partner. I am wondering what I can do as to not push my partner away. How can I maintain a healthy relationship while I am trying to keep my own piece of mind. Any tips/advice?

Thank you <3

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Get on medication so you don't have to deal with those symptoms.

However, while on medication, you need to deal with your fears, insecurities, failures, guilt issues, shame etc. Medication won't make those go away -- it simply helps tone down the craziness of anxiety so you can think and do what needs to be done to kick anxiety completely to the curb.

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