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I am reading all of the same things that I'm dealing with, some more severe but I'm not alone,I am not on medication at this moment and hoping to try natural herbs that don't have such bad side effects,I feel confused and loss some time because it seems no one really ❤ you, I believe that no one knows cause it's embarrassing and hard to explain, I had this disease for many years and it has gotten the best of me at times, please try to focus on yourself and not worry about your mate, if you are not good, it's not good or healthy fighting with some one who may not really understand, and make you feel worse, I would say try reading or better yet praying, come here and see there's a lot of support.

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Hi nice to meet you. The meds used these days usually only have mild side effects. You would be very unlucky indeed to have any severe ones. If you did then there are lots of different ones to try. Are you having any counselling?

I wish you success however in taking the more natural route.

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