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Feeling lost

Hello my name is Amy and I suffer from depression and anxiety. This past year has been very hard. I had to get a hysterectomy and I got thrown into early menopause. I also had to take LupRon and that affected me in a very negative way. I have a wonderful boyfriend and an amazing daughter I feel lost and alone. I feel more like a burden then a girlfriend and a mom. I just want to be happy again.

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Your boyfriend and daugter love you. You need to understand that "alone" feeling is just that, a feeling. We all need each other's help to live. The reality is: if your boyfriend is still with you than any "burden" you create is much lower than the emotional cost of living without you. Think about it, you are worth so much being who you are that people want to share your environment! That's a big compliment!

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You can be happy again. I am. I take my Meds and see my counselor and my life is wonderful. Not so long ago I needed to adjust one medicine and I felt down and miserable while the dose was too low. That was a tough reminder of how I still need my antidepressant. But really that's no surprise.


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