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This feeling once again!!

Hiya everybody! Back here once again feeling like this big massive mess!!

Anyway today I was doing the nursery run with my little boy say about 12:20-12:30 (baring in mind I do have agoraphobia) "hate going out" since I woke up this morning I've been feeling really off! Just one of those days again where I just really can't be bothered! & whilst on the school run I was feeling really anxious! Then all of a sudden just got this sharpe pain from my throat down into my chest (in between my boobs) sorry for tmi" but only got this pain when I took a deep breathe in!? Had no other pain since. And now all day I've been worried and panicking about thinking I'm having a heart attack! It's been on my mind all day since having this pain, and now I'm in bed just with it on my mind again! Can't get to sleep because I think that I'm having this "heart attack" keep thinking that me feeling like crap is something to do with it to.

(I do have a baby that didn't sleep well at all the night before) just can't help but think there is something wrong with me!!!

Somebody please tell me that I'm reading to much into this and it's just my stupid brain doing over time!!! Really do hate feeling/being like this! Just wanna be that normal 25yr old mum!😡😢💔

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Hi you aren't having a heart attack! If you were you would still be feeling the pain and it wouldn't go away like this. To put your mind at rest why not google symptoms of a heart attack and you will realise you are fine.

I am guessing you suffer from health anxiety? It's unfortunately common and must be very distressing for you. I think breathing exercises could help you. There is lots of info online so have another google and start practising these. They will help.


Hi Lilaclil

Thanks for commenting and reassuring me that I'm not having a heart attack! As I'm a lone parent with not a great deal of family or people around me that really doesn't understand what I'm going through! And yes I suffer really bed with health anxiety, that's why I will not google my symptoms as As soon as I've read them I'll start thinking about them and start feeling that those symptoms what I've read are happening to me! If that sort of makes sense. Will definitely google the breathing exercises though to see if these could help when I'm going through these attacks.

Thank you very much for getting back to me x

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You are more than welcome Kayleigh1991. It does make total sense and I admire you for staying well away from Dr. Google. Maybe just sticking to recognised sites like the NHS or something will reassure you though?

I figured what you were looking for was reassurance and a firm 'no' you are fine :) Take care. xxxxx

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Hey babygirl Kayleigh1991 your so like me it's scary babes.listen to your aunty tash for a minute first of all you're not having a heart attack I know exactly how you feel you are the same as me darling health anxiety sucks big time. babes breathe for a minute take a deep breaths in through your nose and exhale through your mouth close your eyes imagine aunty is sitting with you holding your hAnd through it.do your breathing for a few minutes to try and calm yourself down because once you do that your pain will ease the reason your having bad chest pains is because of your anxiety babes believe it or. Not when we are anxious we breathe air in our lungs a lot quicker and therefore we trap the air in our chest and that's what causes pain between our breast and chest it's beyond consuming to much h oxygen that's all I promise you I get it so bad I've rang for a ambulance on numerous occasions.but having health anxiety it's easier said than done you've been to he'll and back just lately and you lost a lot believe me your stronger that you think u are love you and I'm here for y a

Love you aunty tash xxxxxxxxxx


Haay aunt Tash!

I've been so good till up to today! Mums been poorly as she said she's been having pains in her chest and in her heart! She was on the loo all day yesterday just really unwell. Didn't sleep to well last night because baby wouldn't settle! Was thinking that with having no sleep then having all the worry about mum! Was the reason why I felt pooped! Then has that pain at dinner time.

Just feel so alone with not having the other half around, just being on my own with the children. Oh just feel such a mess Auntie Tash.. never really had a pain like it, but as soon as I had it I've been none stop breathing in and out I've been pasting around, feeling my pulse! The anxiety soon kicked in! Just hoping that a bit of sleep will sort me out!

Love ya 😘😘❤️❤️ Xxxxxx

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Your chest walls might be just swollen. I had pain like that. Sharp out of nowhere and when I took deep breath. One time that same pain scared me so bad I ended up in the Er. And just my walls being swollen. Can be from picking up your baby or moving furniture or nothing at all. Take Motrin.


Is the pain constant or intermittent? My hubby has high blood pressure & takes meds for that - one time he had horrible sharp shooting pains when he would inhale, causing his breathing to be short & shallow. He thought he was having cardiac "chest pains" or a heart attack. Turned out he had pleurisy. I believe HopingCat (commented above) was referring to that condition. "Your lungs are wrapped in a thin layer of tissue called pleura. They fit snugly within your chest, which is lined with another thin layer of pleura." Pleurisy is simply inflammation or a lack of lubrication of the pleura. Typically, this is caused by some sort of infection & is easily treated with antibiotics. If the pain is constant, especially with inhalation, coughing, sneezing, ect then a visit to ur PCP & a chest xray can confirm or rule out pleurisy. I don't have health anxiety, but I have GAD, so I do understand being overly anxious about things! If it's pleurisy tho, you likely won't get much (if any) relief without intervention (like antibiotics). Or it could simply be the health anxiety u know u have, but I always say it's better to be safe than sorry when we have concerns about our health. I'm a nurse & I believe we should listen when our bodies tell us something isn't quite right - sometimes we've let our imaginations run wild & it's nothing. But sometimes it's something easily treated! But don't let yourself have a bunch of sleepless nights over it! Also, when I get little to no sleep for even 1-2 nights, my body reacts badly & I have a variety of aches & pains that aren't my norm, so it could simply be exhaustion as well! Sorry for the long response & giving u multiple things to consider on top of ur normal stress load! While I don't feel ur having life threatening symptoms, it would be better (if only for ur peace of mind) to make an appt with ur PCP. Good luck with everything & take care!


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