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Up again


So I'm starting to think my anxiety is manifesting into pain now. Why I say that, because lately I've been having arm pain. At times it's one arm at others it's both. The pain is like muscle pain or spasms. It's always below my shoulder bones and above my elbows. Tonight has been the worst. I keep waking up from my sleep. Its 4am and I'm up again. I stretch my neck and arms, it feels good but then it comes back. Does anyone else get this way? I know it's not my heart I was in the ER almost 2 weeks ago due to this and they told me it's just pain. But of course my mind thinks it's something else.

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Hi Espinoza38 !!!!


It's nice to meet you xx


I get the feeling of pain in my arm's and chest,

Around the heart area,

But I've also been to ER and Doctors etc,

And they all said I'm very fit n healthy n stuff !!!

For me,

It's anxiety that brings it onn.

That then brings onn a host of other uncomfortable issues.

Absolutely hate it TBH WITH YOU !!!

I just feel that keeping my mind occupied and busy and focusing on positive things,

Takes away the thoughts from the anxiety and that in turn,Takes away the pain and tightness and dis-comfort that I'm feeling.

Walking always helps aswell btw ....


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Hello and thanks. I am trying to focus on the positive bit at times its hard for me to do that. But I know I can. I just have to focus. I just dislike the pain because it wakes me up. And all I want is sleep that's it.

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Hi and thanks for getting back to me.

I understand what you mean.

Lack of sleep is the worst part for me too.

Maybe a walk before going home for bed or a light sleeping pill, only when really necessary !

I've been through so much lately and trying to get through it can be a real struggle at times.

I've learned about keeping your mind as occupied as possible and positive thoughts and attitude and that helps sort out most of the problems,

In my opinion .....

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The positive thinking works it has helped me alot. But at times I just cant think straight. I'm just so sleepy and these darn pains and aches have me all mest up.

I get arm pain as well. It’s like a deep muscle ache that I can’t comfort. If I lift or move my arm a certain way it hurts worse. I think my arm pain is caused by tensing up my muscles without realizing it. I have horrible anxiety, worse in mornings, and it exhausts me all day long. I know I’m tense and when I finally crash at night, I sleep hard. I think the combo of poor sleeping positions and unintentionally tensing my muscles all day is why I ache and have arm pain.

You I think I tense myself up also. Because I have good and bad nights. Sometimes I hurt sometimes I dont.

It’s probably just sore muscles. I’ve been a blob of anxiety lately so I don’t do much. When I finally clean my bathroom or pull a few weeds, my whole body hurts especially my arms. Certain activities that would never bother me, can cause aches and pains now. I’m working daily on getting better and forcing myself to do at least one activity or chore a day.

I usto work out every day and now I hardly go to the gym. I need to get back into it. I dislike the pain but I hope it goes away.

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