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The power of the mind to body

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I know this but some days like this I'm more amazed than scared of how powerful my mind can do to my body. 2 nights ago I woke up in the middle of the night with a very painful chest. I thought I was going to have a heart attack alone in my house. I somehow manage to survived the night, manage to rode my bike to work while almost fainting, with very pale face asked my colleague to send me to hospital 40 minutes far from the office and went to see the doctor. Upon getting clearance from the general doctor, a gastro specialist, a 30 minutes talk with a psychiatrist as well as a good result from ecg, I walked out from the hospital freed from all the excruciating pain that I was feeling. My body felt so brand new I went to have good lunch with my friend, continue working in the office and slept for 10 straight hours until morning. My life was in fact saved by just talking to the doctor. These are episodes that always happened to me but I still can't convinced my mind that I am healthy and I kept wanting reassurance from doctor. I know our mind can really make our body created all these physical symptom just by thinking about it. With this assurance I just received from doctor, I know that my heart and lungs (my two major things I am most worry with my health) are ok. Now, no matter what I feel in my chest, I try to just ignore it. Tonight my mind is trying to trick me by giving a new symptom that I never had before. I suddenly felt like I'm getting blurry vision I( I think it's just too much phone and computer screen). But two things came into my mind immediately. 1.I have brain tumour. 2. I'm going blind. My health anxiety started to kicks in again I just can't believe it! This journey to recovery is going to be very long but I hope I can slowly get control my mind and bring it the the beautiful side of this world. Is there anyone here who feel the same way?

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Hi girlbali, i have the same things happening to me. Iam sure your mind can play tricks on you & every twinge i get i fear the worst.

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Girlbali in reply to ma65

Hi Mick. Glad to tell you I managed to survived the night of anxiety attack thanks to coming to this forum and being able to get someone to chat with. What do you do to get the control back to your mind and not think about the worst?

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ma65 in reply to Girlbali

Hi, i try to keep my mind occupied. When i just sit here doing nothing thats when i start thinking to much. Your up early?

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Girlbali in reply to ma65

Same here. I try to keep my mind occupied by keeping myself busy. That's why at night its worst as things get quiet and I'm alone with my own thoughts. I tend to wake up in the middle of the night too but I don't know why.

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ma65 in reply to Girlbali

Well you can come on here to talk its better than nothing. With the waking up in the night iam not sure, have you lived there long?

I have health anxiety too. I’m freaking out about muscle twitches that I’ve had in my arms and legs for the past two months. The dr said he’s pretty sure it’s caused by stress and anxiety but I think unless a neurologist checks me and says there’s nothing wrong, I won’t be able to relax. It’s a viscous cycle.

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Hi Karen-78. I am exactly like you. There was a time when I've had very bad headache everyday for a month. I was convinced I'm having a brain tumor although the doctor assured me that it's very likely just anxiety. I went to see the doctor 3 times but still couldn't get the headache disappear. I finally did a CT scan to check my brain. After the scan shown nothing is wrong with my brain, the headache went away just like that. I was cured right there in an instant in the doctor's room as we went through my brain scan with the doctor! It the weirdest feeling ever. I was suffering from headache, I couldn't function normally for a month and suddenly poof! I was OK again in a second. Somehow I can only convinced my mind that my brain is fine by looking into the inside of my head and see the brain myself. Its amazing how powerful our mind can play tricks on us. We need to find ways to gain back that control to our mind.

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If I wake up tomorrow and the twitches have gone I know I’ll feel 100 times better. It’s strange how the anxiety can manifest in physical ways.

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goldieoldie in reply to Girlbali

Girbali perfect example of how much power our thoughts have over our bodies when in a highly sensitised state,IM up in years and although I suffered anxiety most of my life ,I never realised how powerful our thoughts can be until recently and its under reasonable control now main source of understanding came from a wonderful person,namely Dr Claire Weeks -Essential Help for your nerves" quite a few people have mentioned her benefits the mind and soul are so interlinked and highly recommend her work found online..........hoping your well and maybe still on this HU.

This sounds like me to very mucho so with the chest pain I came to terms that it’s my acid reflux and every night or everyday I would think I wouldn’t get to see another day over a year later I’m still here I’m on the road to getting better but I still have a long way to go just telling ur mind ur not feeling those pains or that way is much easier said that done but that what I try and do to help cope with the symptoms

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Girlbali in reply to Stephanie89

I'm starting to become strict with my diet again to avoid acid reflux. Altho most of the time its not my diet but my stress thats causing me the gastric and acid reflux. I still get the anxiety attack for no reason. Being a constant worrier added to the stress factor.I get worried with everything. Need to learn to relax more but dont know how

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tinkerbel19 in reply to Girlbali

try counting maybe it'll work

I feel the same. I really feel the same. for the past 2 days. I'm experiencing back pain. I thought about having some chronic diseases but one thing comes to my mind that my mind only creates those kind of ideas. so what i usually do is I go out and talk to people then I forget about the pain but when I'm alone I feel it again. I really want to stop this kind of thinking and dwell on the positivity of things but I dont know where to start.

Hi, that's a recognised anxiety called health anxiety, the first diagnosis I had from a doctor after years of telling them I believe I was having a heart attack. One doctor got very angry with me. I still from time to time have negative thoughts but after Counciling I can reason them away and shut down the thought process.

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