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Social Anxiety

Just looking for support. I have severe social phobia, anxiety, and panic disorder ever since I was a kid. I struggle horribly with keeping eye contact. I always have my sunglasses on while shopping, going to Doctor appointments, etc. im sure everyone thinks I'm a weirdo for wearing sunglasses in doors. it's really hard for me to be around people. I can't conversate. My anxiety has gotten so bad that I can hardly keep eye contact with my own husband who I have been with for 10 years. Its really destroying my life.

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Hi welcome to the site. You don't say whether you are on any meds for your anxiety or doing any counselling so if you aren't it could be worthwhile to pay a visit to your doctor and get medical help. If you are on meds then they clearly aren't working so maybe you need a change?

I think unless you tackle it there is every chance it could get even worse. One of my sisters had had GAD for many years and then developed agoraphobia. She can't even leave her home now.

let us know how you get on.


Hi thank you! I have tried so many meds and have had nothing but problems so I am currently not taking anything. I have been to therapy and haven't found anyone that I like and am comfortable with. Im going to try using medicinal herbs to see if it can help. (Passionflower, skullcap etc.) Also am looking to start CBT therapy. Trying to stay hopeful.


Good on you. The main thing is to explore all the options you can to try and help yourself and it sounds like you are so well done.

it is still worth trying another counsellor as it can take a while to find one you like as they are all different. When you find a good one you will be flying.

Also look up mindfulness, mediation etc. there is lots of info online about them. There are also online CBT courses you can do but you will have to pay for them. Good luck.


Thank you for your advice! I appreciate that💜💜💜

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are you on anti-anxiety medication at least? Please find you a good psychiatrist to start you on anti-anxiety treatment so you can get back yo enjoying your life. No need to sit back and let it ruin your life before you desperately seek help.

it is not enough to say you have tried many meds, you ought to keep trying until you find the right combination treatment for your situation.

even with Medicaid only you can still get good mental health treatment for anxiety if you really want to have it.


I used to be on Xanax and also Valium. I was addicted to them and they made me feel worse. I've always had problems with medication. I am going to try herbs, exercise, and eating healthier.


i am afraid xanax and valium aren't the only options for anti-anxiety out there. You need to be willing to get out of your comfort zone if you really want to prevent anxiety from ruining your life. I can tell you from experience that it can do just that if you let it.

I am not aware of any herb or exercise that makes anxiety go away. I was personally on a healthy diet, that consisted mostly of greens and nuts, for many years while for exercise I pretty much cycled every where i went in the city, for well over a decade. I eventually enrolled in a yoga class but none of that stopped the anxiety storm from building up over those same years. It continued to overwhelm my life and eventually drove me over the bridge.

i am currently taking clonazepam and enjoy anxiety-free days finally. i still find it hard to believe that i have not had a panic attack or anxiety attack in over 4 months and i am glad I stuck to searching and pushing my psychiatrists to help me in meeting my goal of living anxiety free.

for those who medication don't work for at all, and these cases are very very rare, their are alternate treatments sucks as use of psilocybin ,NMDAs, etc that are being used these days.Granted not as widespread yet but the treatments have shown promising results. So don't just give up because 1 or 2 medications did not work.

i still eat healthy and ride my bike around town, but my meds are really what helped me get to where i am today with GAD and panic disorder.

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I've been on a ton of other meds for anxiety, and panic disorder through out many years. None of them helped me. I guess I have not found the right one. I just hate being a Guinea pig. And starting a new medication always scares me. I'm not going to give up though.


another thing is something we give up on medication before it even gets the chance to do its job.

when i was first put on my current anti-anxiety medication, it threw me into a zombie-like state. Since i had experienced this before and was aware it didn't mean the medication wasn't for me, I contacted the psychiatrists and informed him of this. As i expected, he increased the dosage and by the next day, I was good.

Similar thing happened when i was first put on my current anti-depressant. After the first week, i found myself deep in depression again. I went back to the psychiatrist and at first he added a second anti-depressant to the mix. I did experience some improvement but not enough to satisfy me, so i went back again the next week and got the psychiatrist to adjust the dosage on both. Within 2 months of being put on the medication, I went back at least 6 times and got the psychiatrist to adjust my dosage over 5 times, and I have been living without the core symptoms of depression for over 3 months now.

i don't feel like a lab rat, if anything i feel and believe that i am in charge of my own health care and I am involved in making the choices for my.mental health. These are things lab rats cannot do.

Just reading your initial post, And how far anxiety has eaten into your life, i really hope you understand that anxiety might already have caused you more damage than you are even aware of. Please run to get help and fast.


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