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Social Anxiety


Hello all,

I haven’t wrote a lot on this page, but the last couple of days have been really hard for me. I feel like everyone around me is meeting people and I’m feeling very alone and depressed. Does anyone have any tips on how to meet people when you have bad social anxiety while being depressed about not meeting new people. It seems silly, but each feed on one another.

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Have you considered joining a sports league or maybe volunteering at a church? You would be around people and having fun without any pressure.


You need to have faith in yourself...maybe start off by going to a store & force yourself to talk to a stranger. I know how you feel I suffer with the social anxiety as well...I've been doing this & it is helping me!!! Sometimes starting off with just the little steps is easier on us! I wish you all the best! XXX

What helped me was keeping things in perspective and slowly forcing myself to talk to random people. So when you feel like u want to talk to someone you have around 5 seconds to just go for it before all the what ifs start flooding your thoughts.

That could be as little as saying hi or how’s your day.

Doesn't seem silly at all. I understand where you're coming from. I agree with volunteering or attending church groups. I am shy and have never been the type to start a conversation with a stranger or into meeting new people but when I started attending a local church that offer different groups events, it was an inviting environment that allow me to get to know others at ease. You could also look into joining a local group of something that interest you. Best wishes! Take care

Thanks for all the responses. I have reached out to some places to see I could volunteer with them. I am just feeling so alone and depressed right now I’m not sure what to do.

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