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New here and need help

Hello, my name is Sharon. I have been suffering from an anxiety disorder since August. I have tried a number of medications. So far, nothing has worked, and/or has caused severe problems. I am currently on a cocktail of wellbutrin, paxil, and lithium (very tiiny doses) due to my sensitivity. I feel better at night, but my anxiety during the morning, and day time is excruciating. I don't know how to get over my disorder. I was a worrier, but never had an anxiety disorder before. I don't even know how this happened. I think I may have been having small panic attacks, but didn't know what they were, and I never really did anything until things got bad. I got a psychiatrist in August, and saw a few therapists. I have a new one now. How does one get over this. I just want my old self back. I am so scared. Doc says I may be on the slight bipolar spectrum (not bipolar), just that when I take antidepressants, I get too hyper or panicky, and need something to counteract (like a mood stabilizer). Anyways, my anxiety is keeping me from living my liife, and I am miserable every day. Any suggestions, please I am desperate. I am 53 years old. Have a wonderful supportive husband, and an 18 year old daughter. Please help me.

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I know exactly how you feel. Anxiety is a sneaky little bugger! It sneaks up on you and bites! I've suffered from this disease since I was 14, I'm now 52. I have found that trying to help others and sharing my own experience helps me to accept the anxiety. Helping others, in turn helps me. Some of the experiences that I've tried were of course your typical counseling, support groups, DBT, WRAP, psychologists, psychiatrists and the list goes on. I try to accept the anxiety, think about what it's doing and how it's affecting every decision I make. Do I want this monster to make my decisions for me? Absolutely NOT! I journal, when I can remember to....lol. I never used to, but found that I was writing everything else down trying to remember I might as well write down my thoughts. I tell people my thoughts are on a "tilt a whirl", a carnival ride that spins small circles to the left, right and the whips all the way around. While that's going on your spinning in a large circle while going up and down little hills! Boy, no wonder I'm anxious....lol. There is no one secret. Sometimes one trick will help and sometimes the same trick will do nothing at all. I use a LOT of distract. I don't watch TV except for DWTS, Cubs games and General Hospital (only when I can laugh at it, I record it). I find CD's that I will listen to day in and day out for months at a time. My latest one in the house is Les Miserable soundtrack. The one in the car is Counting Crows. Huge variety in music is very important to me. Try to focus on taking care of yourself....I know it's hard! Focus on the small things. If you focus on the sound that the coffee pot makes in the morning you won't be able to focus on the monster that has a grip on you. Don't expect things to work immediately, it takes a long time to learn the skills and change the ones that have been embedded into our everyday living. I would suggest finding a DBT group. It will teach you how to recognize triggers and coping skills. I could go on and on but my tush is getting sore. :) Take care! Brenda

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