Feeling hopeless

I have been diagnosed with PTSD, severe anxiety and depression for 8 months. I have two therapists, a psychiatrist, an acupuncturist and an MD. I have severe medication reactions so I have not had success or relief via meds. In fact I just got life threatening seratonin syndrome so had to go off cold. I am extremely sad, scared, cant sleep and hopeless. I appreciate anyone who can reach out. Its excruciating.

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  • Hi Leslie, I'm not sure if you've heard of TMS Therapy for depression. It is drug free and most insurance companies now cover it. I'm currently under going TMS, but I tend to have more anxiety than depression. Please don't give up because something is bound to help <3 I would highly recommend a local support group too :)

  • Thank you so much . Just a response makes me feel thankful. And I will look into TMS.

  • I have 2 very good therapists but its like I need someone here all the time. My fears just take over. The morning s are so severe Im starting to worry Im going to have a heart attack . I cant stand it.

  • You're welcome and also adding talk therapy is helpful if you feel lonely and are in need of support. Seeing a therapist once a week eases the pain a bit while you're trying to get better and build a support system. God bless you and keep in touch :)

  • Do you think Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy may work for you, Leslie? That or ECT may work, I don't know. You have to try them to know. That's the bottom line. And your doctor has to agree that they're worth a good shot.

    I do understand how absolutely miserable you can be without any drugs to help you. You would desperately need someone with you all the time to talk you through each moment. How horrendously miserable you can possibly be!! Ugghh!!! That's why I opened right away with 2 therapies that might help you that you might not have tried yet. But please go ahead and try anything you haven't already if that's what you and your doc are doing. I just want you out of your misery. And into feeling a whole lot better.

  • You are so right. Being alone is excruciating. But not as easy at 52 than 25. Thank you for your great ideas. Its so hard..

  • Leslie, are you there? Here, I mean. I have some time now.

  • i'm trying not to wet my son here what number can I reach you at ?

  • Let

  • Hear- darn phone

  • 727.596.6939 in the US.

  • I have severe anxiety and depression and my girlfriend has bad PTSD. I went through 9 medicines before I found one that works. I know how scary it is. I felt scared and alone for so long until I found a support system(my girlfriend and another friend with PTSD) I hope that you can find someone who can give you support. And remember that you are never alone. My ears are always open if you need to talk to someone who has some understanding of what you are going through. Stay strong and I wish you the best!

  • Thank you. I think ears right now are more important than anything. The loneliness is unbearable. So thank you.

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