Cannot Do Anything In School

I am currently a senior in high school. About a month ago I had like 3 papers assigned on the same weekend and couldn't concentrate on any of them. Since then, my anxiety in school has gotten progressively worse. Right now I am unable to get any work done. I either just have the work sitting in front of me and am unable to concentrate, or go into a panic attack before I can even get the work out. As a result, I am failing the majority of my classes and fear I will be unable to graduate.

Despite the inability to concentrate, I have tested negative for ADD in the past. I've been dealing with OCD and anxiety disorder for about 5 years, and I've had issues similar to this one in the past, but for whatever reason none of the things my doctor recommends are helping. I am lost and unsure of what to do at this point.

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  • I know I've read before that anxiety can hinder your concentration. So, I think it's a good direction your going trying to resolve your anxiety issues. I have to remind myself sometimes, "one thing at a time". It's like, I want to take care of everything at the same time. It gets overwhelming. And I get anxious.

  • Yeah, this is what I often deal with. But even if I can get myself in the mindset of taking things one step at a time I continue to zone out.

  • For me sometimes it's lack of sleep from my depression.

  • I can never get enough sleep, but often it's due to me not wanting to sleep. There's too much stuff I want to do while I'm awake. I never want to sleep until I'm physically exhausted, and of course because of how early school starts this results in minimal sleep for me.

  • Wanted to provide an update for anyone that finds this. After being too anxious to actually go to school, my doctor prescribed additional medication, and this helped me to get back on track. Because I've had straight A's up until now, my teachers are willing to exempt me from most of the assignments I've missed. Right now everything feels like it'll work out.

  • Hello SadDog. I'm new here, and when I read your post (I did a keyword search and found this), I see myself (but younger). I think you are very courageous, and I'm happy to see that you feel better now. What do you think helped you the most in your situation?

  • For one, the hard work I'd put into school up to this point was worth it; my teachers had absolute proof that I was suffering and were more than willing to help.

    For actually getting back on top of my work, I divided everything into smaller chunks and told myself I wasn't allowed to do anything else until I finished a chunk. I effectively forced myself to become motivated.

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