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I hope that everyone is getting better, as this hiccup in life is not fun. I am currently a 29 year old male that has recently, as of two weeks ago been dealing with a whole lot of anxiety and some depression. Over the past 13 years, my mother and father have caused a lot of angst among our family and I have channeled this in over the years. They have told me that I need to fix our family situation and I have created none of it. When they say these things, I get angry and just keep my emotions inside. I know not the healthiest way of dealing with it; but, I felt I was a male and needed to be strong. However, two weeks ago, I had a very vivid dream about my 3 year old son and it shook me up really badly. These last two weeks have been awful for me. In the mornings, my anxiety is high and seems to shake me up. I feel hopeless and just feel that my emotions need to stop. Over the years though, I know I have OCD, anxiety, and depressive thoughts. I just never did anything about them. I just recently got on fluoxetine and am going to my first therapist session tonight. I am very hopeful that this will help out because I feel I have hit rock bottom. Sometimes you have to hit the bottom to get up though and that is what I am hoping for. Has anyone had these types of situations where a dream caused some much angst? I am over feeling this way. I just want it to end. Does talking to a therapist help significantly? Just looking to hear from others on their experiences. I appreciate all of you and we will all get through this together!

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I can relate. My parents look to me to fix a lot of issues in the family. I figure they think I have it together the most and can help everyone else find a solution to their problems. This of course causes much more anxiety. Talking to a therapist helps me. I feel like they can give me some educated guidance. Also, it's as if she's outside looking in on my issues and how I react. I have a lot of issues creating boundaries with my family and I wouldn't have realized it if it wasn't for talking to a therapist. I hope your first session went well.


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