Divorce, major trigger for my Anxiety and depression

Hello, since my divorce (4yrs ago) i have been on a downward spiral dealing with depression and anxiety. I feel my divorce opened emotions that were tucked away and now i cant live my life i had before. I call out from work often, i dont go out socially and avoid any social interaction. I have 2 boys who i love very much and i feel im not being a good father when i have them, i over sleep and waste the day away doing nothing when i should be doing things with my kids. I take alot of meds and i have been through therapy but with my new job im afraid to ask to leave early to see my therapist due to her having her lastest appointments no later than 4pm. So i havent been to the therapist for almost 2 months, im afraid ill end up back in the hospital again (have been twice already in the past 2 yrs). Im a lost cause, wish i could walk away from my life and never feel anything again.

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  • I think your first step should be to find a therapist with more accommodating hours. try setting an alarm on the mornings you have your kids, and see if that helps. Never stop trying

  • Hello! I tried to write a reply twice now, but the app seems to be not working, so I will try one more time! As I said before, you say that your divorce opened emotions that were tucked away, this tells me that you have always had those emotions! So it's actually very good that those emotions have been found, you can deal with them now! I understand you don't want your boys to see you this way, but I'm sure they love you very much! And all they care about is their dad getting better. As for the part with your job, I would just ask them! And lastly you wish you could walk away from your life and you can, but it would not the right thing to do! Instead learn from the past years and try and create a life that you won't ever want to leave! All the best to you

  • Excellent comments. Those emotions may hurt but it may be time to face hen head on and write or say exactly what they are, what caused them , and what you can or cannot do about them. Also, have you told your boys about your struggles? Calling depression and anxiety what it is and helping them understand it could be very beneficial for both of you. Here is an article I read the other day the night help. It's from and LDS magazine, but certainly applies to all faiths.


  • How do i overcome the anxiety i get when i have to get up ans go to work? I need this job and cannot afford to lose it.

  • Take it one day at a time. I'm in the same boat when it comes to that.

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