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Recently I had or possibly still have a sinus infection. I took Levaquin 500mg for 10 days. But I still have pressure over my right eye the side that my deveated septum is on. Plus I still look sick. Now, I'm willing to live with this. But I took klonopin a few years ago and it seems to bring on Agoraphobia. And I was scared to go catch the bus. And when I stopped taking it, it went away. But for the last week or so, it has come back! And it is Horrible! And I don't know if this is due to extra stress I have or because I'm sick or whatever the cause all I know that I'm scared I will become HOUSEBOUND! And I need to get a job and work. And I have these neighbors below me whose kids keeps running and slamming things! I feel my self shaking when I hear that little horrible beast! I quit smoking and started again because I'm so aggravated!. I cant afford a therapist right now. My Co-pay is quite high and I just cant get the therapy/meds I need. I need to be able to get to the bus stop. If I can't then I'm doomed! Any advice would be great!

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Hey there! The first question I would ask you is, what is your support network like? It's always good to have a friend in your back pocket who handles instances of anxiety well. It doesn't really matter who they are; sometimes it's just nice to have someone remind you that the anxiety is out of proportion to the danger.

Regarding Horrible Little Beasts and How to Quiet Them, I'd strongly recommend some noise cancellation on the cheap. Here are two of my favorite websites. The first is SimplyNoise, a white noise generator that you can play from your computer and the second is RainyMood, an endless rainstorm/thunderstorm loop. Both are very calming to me and have mobile apps, but unfortunately those cost money (the desktop versions are free).

I'd also recommend support groups. Often free or voluntary donation, they can be a huge step in the right direction. In NJ there's a site called the ClearingHouse, but I don't know if it services other provinces. Look for a group that's reasonably close to you and meets when you're available. Oh, and one more thing- while attending group, keep your eyes peeled for anyone who is or has good connections to a social worker. A social worker may be able to connect you to the care you need!

Wishing you the best! Hope your sinusitis clears up soon!

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