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So my friend gave me this medicine that her doctor recommended to her because she like me sometimes have trouble breathing and I took it but now I feel uneasy and kinda nervous I'm trying to calm but I can't (sorry if I spelled something wrong?)

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Don’t take it, see your doctor. They are there to help you and know your medical history :) take care

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But I already swallowed it

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Yikes what is it?

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I'm gonna write it on Serbian because Idk what is it called in English it's called bedoksin

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I looked it up and is a vitamin b used for treatment of anemia and b vitamins are supposed to help mood. I would see your own doctor, he/she will be a better person to prescribe a medication. I wish you all the best!🌞

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I'll see thanks 💖I got nervous because my dad told me I shouldn't take madicine because it may not be good for me and now I'm worried because of that

Hi Ella,

If you in fact took Bedoxin, you don't need to worry. It's vitamin B6. This vitamin is known to be harmless and safe. I'm sorry that experience was so scary for you. But now you can take a few big deep breaths and let your body go as limp as possible- there is no need whatsoever to worry or panic.

That was very kind of your friend to want to help you! Still, it's best for people to not share medications. Next time, just make sure you discuss all medications, whether prescribed or over-the-counter, including supplements, with your doctor :) That will keep you safe :)

If you want to talk about your anxiety, your shortness of breath (that I assume is from anxiety?) this is a fantastic place to talk about it and there are so many people here who can support and help you. Hugs to you.

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Thanks for responding. And I feel better compared to begining💖

Don't take other people medication. Only take medicine that prescribed for you.

That's good that your friend cares for you, but never take any medicine unless you consult your doctor first. I hope you are feeling better since you have posted this and if you have not gone in to see your doctor - you need to.

Like everyone else, I repeat NEVER take someone else's medication. Individual differences must be considered.

The past is over. It can't be relived. What Dad said included lots of info. from the past. Start today.

Contact Behavior Health division of health care and see a Psych. and Talk Therapist. Decide today's action with their help.

If you are a minor child, adjust our advice according to your local rules about minors asking for help.

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