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I need some support, thank you


I had my first full blown panic attack last night. It really scared me, and I felt embarrassed. Thankfully I was home, but my friend was over and we'd had some sort of disagreement or argument, and it emotionally/physically spiralled out of control for me. I felt horrible, and the amount of mental and physical noise I experienced was overwhelming. I scared my friend, I scared myself, and I felt such a sense of loss. What happened makes me feel worse about myself because I sought out the help of a counselor almost two years ago now, i was deeply depressed, and thought I'd better by now, or at the very least have a better handle on things. I'm trying to remain positive and listen to my body and what i need, but it feels like such a challenge. I wanted to speak to a community that understands and could help me feel not so isolated. I just signed up today, recognizing I needed more support. Thank you.

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Panic attacks suck. Point blank period. Sorry you had to experience one, I've had several over the last 6-7 years. Don't feel embarassed it's a natural feeling but when your emotions spiral out of control holding all of that in just doesn't always work. My closest friends have witnessed me in terrible conditions, and if they care they won't turn their back on you! Just try and remind yourself that it won't control your life. When I feel an attack coming on I try to keep myself from going into the extreme attack, I'll stand outside or go for a walk, color or do a craft, meditation, run, gym, yoga,put on soothing music, take a bath, lay with an ice pack and watch my favorite childhood cartoon/movies, make a grocery list, clean my house, to for a car ride (as the passenger) talk to my dog tell him what I'm feeling, and try to tell myself the whole time that I am going to be okay my mind is tricking me! I'm very new to this group as well, hoping it helps to hear other's stories and know I am not alone and to offer my support as well.

"you don't need to suffer needlessly" ... Something Dr OZ says.

I think rather than trying to fight it all on your own, you should get yo your doctor asap. A panic attack is sort of like a mini heart attack and I think it does take It's toll on your heart there. Best you get to your doctor and get help so you don't have to suffer that when you don't need to.

I used to have panic attacks once in a blue moon, but it eventually became a daily occurrence as I continued to try managing it all on my own. Now on medication, I haven't had one in over a month and the chest pain is also gone.

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