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Need some support


Hi all.

New to this and never really spoken about my problems online or in a forum.

I have anxiety and depression aswell as multiple other mental health problems, personality disorder, ocd, Generalised anxiety disorder, PTSD to name a few. I also have multiple physical disabilities, pcos, fibromyalgia, ehlers danlos syndrome, pots, and once again others.

I have been doing DBT for about 6 months now and I do find it helpful. However I can feel myself slipping back into a depression and anxiety getting worse again due to all the factors above.

I feel stuck in a rut. Seeing multiple doctors and getting no where with my physical disabilities. I had to stop myself from self harm last night which I haven't done in 7 months. Feeling very low and dont know how to get out of this period.

Is there anyone out there with similar experiences?

Thanks for reading.

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Hi sky,

Welcome and sorry to hear about all your disability and health issue. But know that you are no alone. We are all connected in 1 way or another. I'm sure you will receive lots of help, support and advise to get you through the day. I suffer from anxiety, depression, PTSD, Insomnia just to name a few. I feel we all are bless even though we are struggling with our physical and mental health. We still fighting with staying alive in the crazy world of ours. We not giving up we fighting each and every day even if it just 1 moment at a time. We are not quitters we are fighters and we all got each other backs. So again welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay make friends and get the support you desire.

Skyblue1202 in reply to Cloud81

Thank you. I know it's hard to get through been suffering for over 10 years and I'm 27 now. I just need to try and find a way to enjoy my life but find it so hard because I am unable to do some many things. And the things I can do I just cant face doing them.

Life can be so hard!!!

Cloud81 in reply to Skyblue1202

Yes I can agree to that life is hard. There no instructions on how to live it. We just take one day at a time. Keep moving forward. One day we will look back and see how far that one step at a time took us😊. I been dealing with a lot of my issue since I was 5 and I'm 39 so 30 plus years and although I haven't figured out how to completely get over my issue I have learned how to live with and handle certain things. Even after 30 years I'm still fighting, learning, seeking help,moving forward. Yes there times when I fall down and say/want to give up but QUITTING NOT AN OPTION. I refuse to give my disability or anyone the benefit of the doubt. I'm/we are all stronger than our issue stronger than our disability. We will not let this defined who we are. #wearestrong #wearefighter #wegotthis #onestepatatime

I am sixty nine now and have had Chronic Disabilities now since 1985, sad to say you need to be able to address your conditions, and if the pain is not the real problem your Therapist should be able to address your concerns, and with their help we learn how to live with these problems. There is no real options, they will medically help with various medications and treatments, that support is there. If you are in Chronic Pain, your GP may send you to Pain Clinic, they will show you how to move through your condition also help you maintain your mood and expectations.

CBT with Therapist or CPN does help, however they will give you various tools to move on.

Chronic pain and associated conditions cannot be taken away for you however they can show you ways to move on through life.

You need to be brave and consider activities that may help you divert your thoughts, hobbies do help, interests are the best way through.

My life although retired is generally very busy, I have my own library and that diverts me on past holidays and places I have visited, consider something you enjoy and run with that..

We have a dog and we take Him down onto the beach or down into the woods or a walk to the Henge, it is all down to you what you enjoy


Poodie in reply to borderriever

Welcome borderriever.

I am older but have been battling depression since childhood. I have anxiety, PTSD This is a good group. I think you will help and support here.

borderriever in reply to Poodie


Thank you for your kindness, however I have been on site now for nearly ten years or so

Time does pass when we are having fun. The people here are very helpful and supportive.


Poodie in reply to borderriever

Hello Bob.

Oops! I think that was meant for Sky. I just got back from a 2 wk. trip last night so I guess I wasn’t thinking very well. Glad to meet you tho. 10 yrs!? Wow. I was wondering how long some people stick around. I guess you have found “help and support” here. I will have to remember you are Bob borderriever.

I wondered if you have a border terrier or a golden retriever ? Or neither. I have had both. Great dogs.

Take care ❤️🤔

borderriever in reply to Poodie


I was just thinking it has been longer than ten years, I remember the movement of some charities showing the white towel and others coming in here and taking over this site

We have a Border Collie Cross, He is eight years old now, we are not positive on His Cross possibly Spaniel or Lab. When I looks at us you can see Him thinking what next, Pax plans things out.

Pure black two rear white socks and a Christian Cross marked upon His Chest. He has just had His Sunday Dinner and is fast asleep


Poodie in reply to borderriever


Thanks for sharing that . I love dogs. We had a golden as our first dog before kids. The usual, wrapped your arm around his neck and sat on your foot to get close. During kids, a border terrier and a carin terrier. Pals, fun, and getting into things constantly. Serious “working “ dogs always watching out for deer, fox , or anything that scurried around our property, unfortunately even our cats who were thankfully a bit too fast for them.

Carin passed about 2 yrs ago. Our border t is now almost 16 yrs. A bit slow, deaf, but still healthy. Knowing he would not last forever, we got a puppy , now over a yr,( thank god) , a miniature Cockapoo. 15 lb. curly teddy bear ball of energy who tries to play with anything dead ( a snake ) or alive. Best friend is a cat. He’s fast, runs w lightning speed and has that ‘now what look’ about him too. Love this little guy!

So people thought we needed help on this site (ha) and tried to take over!! ?

Well good the members took control and survived !

Take care. I’ll see you around the site hopefully for a long time to come.

borderriever in reply to Poodie

Thanks for that.

Keep a hold and enjoy the site, always generally around


So I've just been distracting myself for a few hours. Done some DBT and sorted out the bedrooms....not addressing my ocd but hey whatever works in the moment ts you feel rubbish cant be a bad thing.

Now hopefully can get distracted by cooking some dinner and maybe watch some tv.

Thanks for all your positivity everyone

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