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I need some support


Hi guys I’m so stressed out scared a tired.

Recently my bedroom has had a lot of very tiny flies that make no noise who just attach themselves to the ceiling my scalp has felt sore and itchy and it feels like they’re all over my face and in my mouth I feel like my brain is also not working properly at all my sleep has been really poor 4am until midday most nights and I continuously jerk and wake up gasping for air in my sleep which freaks me out as well Im just worried about how my head and scalp feels worried the flies are biting it

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How’s the dogs?

Hi thank you for your reply unfortunately they’ve been fighting quite a bit recently:( one just clamps down on the others face and doesn’t let go according to my mum:( she can’t afford a behaviouralist and is thinking about re-homing

Sorry to hear that I thought they were buddies....so these symptoms you’re having sounds like psychotic episode or something I’m no professional but think you should go and chat with your doctor maybe??

Oh no no sorry I think I explained that poorly I’m not seeing the flies they are actually there I’m just worried they’re bitting my as my scalp has been sore but it could just be the amount of showers I have drying out my scalp. They should not stress me out because they just stay on the ceiling doing nothing but they do and I’ve been sleeping pretty poorly so I feel all weak and weird.

They are this is what’s quite confusing after their fights they kiss and make up my mum thinks they misread each others signals and think they feel the need to protect her from each other

Get a big spider 🕷....yeah sometimes it’s all a do about nothing with dogs

No I’m worried I am having a psychotic episode😬 and the horrible thing is one always comes off far worse than the other my mother tends to think it’s not actually a fight because the dog doesn’t bite the other all over aggressively he just tends to clamp down on his face almost like he’s trying stop him from attacking him when he seemingly has no intention of attacking him:(

Yeah just putting it in it’s place.

They tend to lock eyes before it starts dunno if that’s an indicator

Do they fight over toys or food??..

Or attention??? 😉

Does certainly feel like that sometimes my mum is very stressed about it she doesn’t know what to do

It used to be food but now it seems like it’s either over attention or in all honesty unclear. One second they’ll be sat quite it the next they’re ripping each other’s face off

Something is triggering them just need to remove toys ...feed them separate maybe give them lots of cuddles..each

Unfortunately I don’t live with them so I’m not in charge of feeding etc and toys have never really seemed an issue I think it could be jealousy the issue in my opinion is all their personalities clash one of them is very chilled out and seems to be irritated by the energetic attitude of the other day especially when it comes to cuddles etc

The energetic one is probably being anti social the older one is just telling it to chill

Gasping for air in your sleep is a sign of anxiety, I used to get this a lot.

Meyer_Gdmnx in reply to ward146

In all honesty I’m more worried about the flies that are in my room that are on my ceiling I’m worried I’ve been swallowing them as they’re very small and don’t make any sound. I’m worried about how my head/body feels as well because I feel very weak and I think I’ve gotten ill off of the flies in the room

Hisue in reply to Meyer_Gdmnx

Call an exterminator to get rid of the flies ASAP or you will end up with more and more. It doesn’t cost much. The poor dogs need to be exercised and played with- maybe you can keep 1 and your mother the other. Dogs pick up on our stress and can become anxious & fearful which can cause aggression. Call your vet for suggestions- maybe there is a medical issue with the dogs, too.

Meyer_Gdmnx in reply to Hisue

Thank you for your reply I’ve suggested this to her but I suppose I can’t force her to give one of them up:( I shall call one my biggest fear right now is that I’ve swallowed a lot of them as my stomach feels very weird and my throat feels like I’ve got flies caught in them and my head feels weird so I’m now convinced I’ve caught a horrible illness from them

Hisue in reply to Meyer_Gdmnx

Flies multiply like crazy, lay eggs & carry diseases- call a few exterminators right away! Get a couple of estimates for cost upfront on phone.

Meyer_Gdmnx in reply to Hisue

Thank you for your help that hasn’t really helped my anxiousness to be honest but I shall call them.

Hisue in reply to Meyer_Gdmnx

Getting rid of the flies will help- flies in the home are awful- a dr can give you a tranquilizer to help with the anxiety.

They sound like fruit flies. I have them in my room. So do my neighbours (rooms on the same floor). Make sure there is no food around, not even empty packets or used food rappings. Keep any bins outside of the room where you sleep. Empty packaging for recycling too, even if you've washed them out. Though I've never had any bite me.

Your scalp will keep getting dry if you wash it without moisturising it. It sounds like you have what I had (would still have). But Nothing the doctor gave me worked and most things made it worse.

My solution was simple yet extremely effective.

After I'm done it the shower I rub my hair with the towel leaving it a little damp. Then, using a simple body moisturiser I massage a good squeeze of it into my hair and scalp. I then leave it for 10 minutes before rubbing it out of my hair with a towel, leaving a nice coating on the scalp and my hair still a little damp. Try to avoid using a hairdryer. That shouldn't be hard as I just checked and I see you play football. And even though women do indeed play football I'm assuming you're a guy? lol

Style your hair straight away while your hair is still slightly damp. If it has dried already then simply wet your fingers and rub them through your hair. This is when I rub in my VO5 styling putty (messy look) 😉 Of curse you don't have to add anything else to your hair. It will still feel nice and soft when it dries and within a week your scalp ought to stay soft and certainly not dry. Give it a try.

Since I've been doing this I've not had a dry scalp since. Neither is it itchy. I also take a full dose of omega 3s. The product I use contains a total of 900mg of omega 3 (540mg EPA & 360mg DHA) at 3 capsules a day and omega 6 (200mg or more of GLA from Starflower oil) religiously! A high dose of retinol too (pre-formed vitamin A). Usually called Retinol Acetate. You can take beta carotene if you're worried about retinol excess, but even 10,000iu (about 3,000 mcg) isn't normally toxic unless you eat liver every day?

Zinc is also a good skin nutrient and so is copper. If you take large doses of zinc (over 15mg) you should balance it with some copper because they compete for absorption. I take 30mg of elemental zinc at night and 3mg of elemental copper at a different time of day, usually am, both on an empty stomach. Take it with a small snack or with milk if it irritates your gut.

Hope that helps.

Thank you those suggestions for my hair are really helpful thank you very much I’m just scared I’ve been swallowing them and I’m going to catch an illness from that. I’ve washed my room top to bottom

ward146 in reply to Meyer_Gdmnx

Best to get checked by your doctor to put your mind at ease!

Meyer_Gdmnx in reply to ward146

Thank you for your reply btw I apologise I did t get back until now it didn’t happen last night as I read it was linked to caffeine intake

There is another 'insect' that I was dealing with in my last home. But when still, they looked more like little beetle things. They are about the same size as these fruit flies and also make no noise.

You may find them in the bathroom and around sinks and drains. Anywhere moist.

I think damp attracts them, and unlike the fruit flies, they appear all year round except when it's very cold.

I tried all sorts. But Not the following.

The best thing I've found for the fruit flies is window stickers - you stick them in the corners of your window as this is where they 'think' they can escape lol. There is some ingredient on the stickers that attracts them and once they touch it they've had it! They can't get off!

They collect all types of flies, even wasps! But mainly the small kind. The top corners of your windows will be the best place to put them. The ones at the bottom have nothing on them, but the ones at the top? Put it this way, they need changing!

You can find them in most garden centres and many other places I imagine.

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