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just wanted to say hello to everyone here. I'm Jo-Anne I have been struggling with severe anxiety since 2005 not long after my father died in 2004. I suffered a mini breakdown and was signed off work for like 6months after this I've never been the same. After many years of trying different medications I now only take 20mg of citoprilogram a day. I see a paychotherapist every 2weeks and she was the one that diagnosed me a few months back with PTSD. I couldn't get my head around it as my father died back in 2004 I continued my life after that but did drink heavily to try and numb the pain. To the pint thatI would get sloshed and pass out etc. I was not a heavy drinker before this so it's really been an eye opener for me as I quit drinking in 2013 as it got to the point that I was binge drinking and this would go on till all my money had gone. I would hide bottles all around my room lost a lot of weight as I didn't eat properly but then when I did eat I would binge as I didn't know when to stop. I lost a lot when I was drinking through the pain partner family my self worth. I can now say today that it has been the best thing I've ever done quit drinking but there's this guilt or this what now? Kind of question that looms over my head. What can you do now Jo-Anne. You don't go out anymore. What is the next step for you!? I also struggle with self confidence I just haven't got any. It's hard to get through the day now the anxiety has taken over my life I can't breathe properly I struggle to swallow I can't look ppl in the eye even my partner at times...I have real bad insecurities. It was definitely why I drinker to get rid of these feelings but then the drink don't mask it forever it gets to the point where you don't feel better drinking. It no longer works. I just want to say I'm here of anyone wants to talk I am a good listener and for some reason I can't listen to my own advice. :-( I am hoping to go to a clinic to hopefully have the help I need specially for PTSD I've talked to my therapist about this. I find I've tried to get better myself but nothing seems to work my last resort maybe ECT. Best wishes to all Jo

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  • Hi Jo. I also struggle with severe anxiety that was brought on by PTSD. Though at the time I really didn't think it had a connection. I'm here if you need to talk. Nice to get to know you.

  • Hi it's awful isn't it Anxiety I honestly don't know how to cope anymore the pains the chest racing and being scared of anything and everything even when people speak I can't stand it..I have such high sensitivity it's unreal. Always here if you want to chat. Regards Jo

  • I would ask my therapist to work on the anxiety with me. That sounds obvious but sometimes you have to focus on one thing. You are on medication, maybe you need an adjustment. I have anxiety just about every day and OCD. I feel for you losing your Dad. I lost mine 15 years ago. I'm very afraid of losing my Mom who is 87. Anxiety can follow these losses. Write back and let us know.


  • Hi yea I work with a therapist but sometimes I don't want to talk about all the past as I'm actually really sick of the anxiety really bad pains everyday most of the time it goes on all day long. It's hard to even speak with my partner as it hurts to talk and make eye contact with him or other ppl. I came off the meds due to it not working...I was taking antidepressants along with anti anxiety drugs but it didn't work so I just take 20mg now. I also lost my first baby last year and I was on Hugh meds. I'm so sorry to hear that you suffer from anxiety and ocd that must be awful bless you and with your dad. I can totally relate it seems that all the trauma can come from losses. Aww wow your mum is 87 that is such a good age. Do you spend a lot of time together? Regards Jo-Anne

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